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Saturday, January 5, 2013


Witness 6 video

 Trayvon 911 Recording Witness 18

Friday, January 4, 2013



1.  Clubhouse
2. Mail Shed
3. The "T"
4. Trayvon's Body (approx)
5. Brandy Green's house where Trayvon was staying w/his father.
6. Emmanuel Burgess
7. George Zimmerman
8. Frank Taaffe's place near cut through.
9  Front Gate
10 Rear Gate
11. Dog Path /walkway

Two Maps of the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin Chase by NoLongerMassEmailing creator of the

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Wolfinger Warns Adult Bookstores

By Lynne Bumpus-Hooper of The Sentinel Staff, February 11, 1987
State Attorney Norm Wolfinger has put adult-bookstore owners in Brevard County on notice that if they don't start policing themselves, his office will.Wolfinger sent a letter to store owners outlining the jury conviction of adult-bookstore owners Marian and Samuel Wallace. The Wallaces, who operated Leather and Lace in Cocoa Beach, were tried in October and sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison and 7 1/2 years of probation in January under the state Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. Their case was the state's first RICO conviction involving the sale of obscene materials.

Miller, Wolfinger Are At It Again

May 17, 1987
SO BREVARD County's self-designated guardians of the public morality, Sheriff Jake Miller and State Attorney Norman Wolfinger, have come up with another way to save the people from themselves. They have decided to crack down on your corner video store that stocks videos they consider obscene. Apparently the wave of drugs, robberies, burglaries, and murders that is afflicting our county has not kept our top law enforcement officials busy enough, so they seem to feel the need to make criminals out of legitimate business people who rent videos they find offensive.

Wolfinger Once Again

August 25, 1992
There is more to the state attorney's job than being a prosecutor. For one thing, in the Seminole-Brevard circuit it means managing a $7 million annual budget and a staff of 181 - 79 of them lawyers.That's why Norm Wolfinger is the better choice for voters in the Sept. 1 Republican primary. He has held the job for eight years. While opponent John Galluzzo has some fine qualities, he hasn't made the case that he can do a better job.Since there is no Democrat in this race, the primary winner will assume the office.

Prosecutor Tougher If Victim's White

By Debbie Salamone And Lynne Bumpus Hooper of The Sentinel Staff, June 1, 1992
Norm Wolfinger, state attorney for Seminole and Brevard counties, is hard on killers, especially those who kill whites.He has sought the death penalty about three times more often for killing whites than for killing blacks, Hispanics and members of other minority groups, The Orlando Sentinel found in a survey of murder cases since 1986.His office seeks and wins more capital cases than any other prosecutor's office in Central Florida.And although state attorneys in Orange, Osceola, Volusia and Lake counties also sought death more often for killers of whites, Wolfinger was about 50 percent more likely to do so.Some leaders in the minority community say the research confirms what they have asserted for a long time.

 Why I haven’t trusted Norm Wolfinger – long before Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

  Wobbly Warrior's Blog

Shut up, Geraldo. Just shut the hell up.

A petition is circulating to get Geraldo Rivera off the air.
And that’s a good thing. But a better thing would be to prosecute and convict Rivera for conspiracy to violate rights … he’s known since the 1980′s that Brevard/Seminole State Attorney Wolfinger is too corrupt to decide whom to prosecute, READ MORE



Trayvon Martin family lawyers hit back at Wolfinger: 'This family deserves answers'

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Trayvon Martin’s family responded to Seminole County State Attorney Norman Wolfinger Tuesday, after Wolfinger called the allegations the family wants the Justice Department to review, “outright lies.”

Wolfinger’s office released a statement yesterday blasting a letter sent by Benjamin Crump, one of the attorneys for Martin’s family, to the Justice Department, asking the feds to probe whether the state attorney for Seminole County met with then-Sanford police chief Bill Lee Jr. and his top criminal investigator, Robert O’Connor, on the night Trayvon Martin was shot to death by George Zimmerman, and whether they overruled the lead homicide detective and released Zimmerman, rather than charging him with a crime. The letter also asked for an investigation into the police department’s overall handling of the case. Wolfinger recused himself from the case on March 23rd, and Florida Gov. Rick Scott replaced him, along with the Duval County state attorney, Angela Corey.

Wolfinger’s statement called the allegations in Crump’s letter “outright lies,” saying:
“I am outraged by the outright lies contained in the letter by Benjamin Crump to Deputy Assistant Attorney General Roy Austin dated April 2, 2012. I encourage the Justice Department to investigate and document that no such meeting or communication occurred. I have been encouraging those spreading the irresponsible rhetoric to stop, and allow State Attorney Angela Corey to complete her work. Another falsehood distributed to the media does nothing to forward that process.”
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