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Friday, June 7, 2013


Brace yourself it's 5 hours long. better take your notes as you watch and note the time so you don't have to watch the whole thing again to find what you're arguing about.

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State v. Zimmerman: Voice Exemplar March 22 2012

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


INTRODUCING GEORGE THE PUMMLER a good laugh and more information about the gym

New evidence: Zimmerman applied to become a cop but was rejected

SANFORD — Prosecutors have filed paperwork revealing that murder defendant George Zimmerman applied to become a police officer in a county near Washington, D.C. but was turned down.

His application and rejection letter are among the latest pieces of evidence the state has notified defense attorneys they may use at Zimmerman's trial, which begins Monday.

Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder. He's the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black 17-year-old, after calling police and describing the teenager as suspicious.
The new evidence list includes information that Zimmerman trained at a Longwood gym that specializes in boxing and kickboxing.

A webpage for the business, Kokopelli's Gym, describes it as "the most complete fight gym in the world."

In a separate pleading, defense attorney Mark O'Mara has asked the judge to ban prosecutors from using several specific terms, ones he describes as "inflammatory".

They include "profiled", "vigilante", "self-appointed Neighborhood Watch captain", "wannabe cop" and the phrases "He got out of the car after the police told him not to", and "He confronted Trayvon Martin".

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Defensive Grappling: Wrist Locks

George Zimmerman Lawyer Mark O'Mara Fabricated Evidence, Martin Family Lawyer Claims (UPDATE)

[Defense has known about bicycle fight video for 9 months] SEE THE VIDEO HERE


With less than a week left before the Trayvon Martin trial begins, an attorney for Martin's family now claims that George Zimmerman's lawyer Mark O'Mara fabricated evidence in an attempt to sway both the public and the jury.

Since Zimmerman's fatal confrontation with the 17-year-old Martin more than a year ago, both the judge and the public have been presented with an overwhelming amount of evidence during numerous court appearances and hearings.

During a hearing last Tuesday, Zimmerman's defense team claimed that they had obtained video footage of "two buddies of [Martin] beating up a homeless guy." In a statement on Zimmerman's website, O'Mara later apologized for mischaracterizing evidence that in fact showed two homeless men fighting over a bike.

However, the law office representing Martin's family said this mistake was much more serious than a simple misstatement.

 "The video, to me, is one of the clearest examples of a pure fabrication," Jasmine Rand, managing attorney and head of the civil rights division of Parks and Crump's South Florida office, told The Huffington Post. "I have no idea where that information came from. It's inaccurate, and to spread that type of information on such an important case was a clear fabrication of the evidence. I think that the behavior of the defense, to me, would call into question their veracity as a whole. And if you fabricate evidence once, I don't trust that you wouldn't fabricate evidence twice."



Monday, June 3, 2013

Forensics Proves Zimmerman’s Account Was Fabricated

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George Zimmerman is going on trial for shooting an unarmed kid (Trayvon Martin) as he strolled through his neighborhood chatting with his girlfriend on the phone. This threatening act (walking and talking) raised warning flags for Sheriff George, self-proclaimed neighborhood watch captain who somehow forgot neighborhood watch are never armed and should never confront people. Zimmerman called in this suspicious African-American kid to police, but when Zimmerman’s stalking finally unnerved young Trayvon Martin – who then tried to flee – Sheriff George violated all aspects of neighborhood watch training and went after Martin armed.

What ensued has never been fully understood, and may never be. But one thing we do know is Goerge Zimmerman’s account is fictional – since physics and forensics prove beyond a doubt what did happen could not have happened the way Zimmerman claims.

Recently a news segment was presented that went over some of the evidence. But as usual it missed the most obvious fictions in Zimmerman’s claims, while actually demonstrating them through reenactment. Before we go to the video, it is important to review the testimony to date from Zimmerman. (Most of this was presented in an earlier post)   READ MORE

Officer's Cellphone Pics Show Zimmerman May NOT Have Been Punched the Night he Killed Trayvon

Look closely at George Zimmerman's nose picture, that was taken from Officer Wagner's cell phone before EMS cleaned him up and you'll find there is no blood at all coming from Zimmerman's nostrils.  Yet, Zimmerman told Detectives that Martin punched him in the nose so hard that he "fell to the ground when he punched me the first time" and that he was "punched in the nose 25 to 30 times." Looking at the nose picture, with no blood at all coming from the nostrils, it is easy to figure out why Detective Sereno told Zimmerman "the 25 to 30 punches" he claimed he took from Trayvon Martin "were not consistent with Zimmerman's injuries."

(George Zimmerman nose picture taken by Officer Wagner before EMT cleaned him)

I think it's pretty clear that the only part of Zimmerman's nose that is bleeding is the very tip of his nose.  And when you compare the nose picture Officer Wagner took with the picture the Sanford Police Department took about 45 minutes after Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, you can see two pinholes on the tip of Zimmerman's nose which is exactly the location of the bleeding Officer Wagner's picture shows.  Another interesting feature between the two pictures is that there is no more swelling on the right-side bridge of Zimmerman's nose 45 minutes after Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin.

Full Zimmerman Hearing May 28 2013 [better copy]


[This just in: 

Defense has known about bicycle fight video for 9 months]

First you make a shocking statement in court,  while the cameras are rolling,  knowing that the media,  the internet news sites and the blogs are going to distribute this fare in seconds globally.

Later,  when there are fewer eyes watching you,  you once again offer a lame apology.  That's supposed to make people trust you again.  Trouble is you keep making these "errors",  and you keep telling outrageous lies to the public.

We know that you need Trayvon to be a nasty dangerous criminal guy who is always ready to fight.
Trouble is,  you can't have that because,  Trayvon never used his hands to touch the messy bloody face and head of your client.  Nor was your client assaulted,  nor was he standing at the T on his way back to his truck.  For at least 112 seconds after Dee Dee says she heard your client make contact with Trayvon,  the first 911 call picks them up and keeps their position fixed at ~45 feet south of the T.  A place your client could only have gotten to,  if he had voluntarily gone there for some purpose.  So,  sit and spin on this for a while

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

EXPOSING The Many LIES Of George Zimmerman!!

There's quite a few text screens in this video,  I'd recommend you watch it full screen,  that way you can use your space bar to pause and resume it conveniently.