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Friday, September 7, 2012


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    Patricia says:

    Thursday, September 6, 2012

    Four Animated timelines - and- 12 Whites who knew Trayvon Martin

    Trayvon Martin Shooting Animated Timeline pt. 2

    Timeline of Events George Zimmerman Trayvon Martin

    Yet Another Scenario: Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman

    Timeline of Trayvon Martin's Last Minutes

    12 Whites Who KNEW Trayvon Martin Expose...

    Trayvon Martin By tchoupi · 3 months ago 107,319 views

    New Improved George Zimmerman Re-enactment vs. The World

    Published on Aug 14, 2012 by
    I think/hope it's pretty self explanatory. This combines both parts of a previous 2 part video I had posted, and adds the previously missing 'third part' dealing with the actual struggle between Martin and Zimmerman.

    For additional analysis of the Martin/Zimmerman case evidence and testimony, see (Note, this is a not a forum for general opinion and commentary on the case, just evidenciary issues.)

    I've made some changes since the earlier versions, adding some new information and removing some things that I no longer think are important. Special thanks to tchoupi for his analysis of the clubhouse security camera videos. See his M/Z page at:

    I had previously speculated that DeeDee may have been mistaken about where Trayvon took cover from the rain, and thus about the time he actually entered The Retreat. However, after reviewing the recording of her interview with Benjamin Crump that was released in the discovery documents, I am now convinced she is sure Trayvon was at the mailbox area in The Retreat when his call dropped at 6:54PM. The recording of her interview with Attorney Crump is technically horrible, and often unintelligible, but I was able to make out enough of the words as she discusses this issue to conclude that she could not be referencing the apartment complex West of The Retreat, as I had earlier thought might be the case.

    A raw video of the re-enactment can be seen at:
    for those who want to get the flow of the whole thing uninterrupted.

    I had to interrupt this one an average like once every 7 seconds to note all the discrepencies, contradictions, implausibilities etc. The sheer mass of these is kind of the point. No one would expect a person to remember every detail of a traumatic event accurately, and fragile memory could even result in elements of an account falling outside the realm of the possible within the laws of physics. But this consistenly? This often? To this degree?

    (Opening and closing riff from The Castaways. Police station riff from Humble Pie.)


    This map from TALK LEFT is posted because it shows the available paths between houses that other maps do not show clearly.  READ MORE

    THE TRAYVON MARTIN SHOOTING: A Timeline Of The Entire Case

    George Zimmerman was briefly sent back to jail recently, but that was just the latest twist in the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

    The death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was preceded and followed by a series of dramatic events that turned a local crime into a national tragedy.

    The full timeline of Martin's death before and after February 26 paints a complex picture of both Zimmerman and the unarmed teen he killed.

    Minute-by-Minute Timeline of Trayvon Martin’s Death


    This timeline is posted for informational purposes only,  it, and many others I post will be out of date,
    and/or have other errors,  but I post them because a view of different timeline constructions will give
    the reader a better grasp of the data involved.  A fuller explanation will be had at the site listed and linked above,  here's the map:


    Wednesday, September 5, 2012

    George Zimmerman bond hearing

    A speculation about how GZ met TM on site

    Trayvon Martin - George Zimmerman Sanford Police Shooting Report

    Trayvon Martin - George Zimmerman Sanford Police Shooting Report

    Zimmerman Written Statement 02-26 0620

    Zimmeman Written Statement 0226 0620

    Shellie Zimmerman Arrest 0612

    Shellie Zimmerman Arrest 0612

    Redacted witness and evidence list filed by the state in George Zimmerman case

    Redacted witness and evidence list filed by the state in George Zimmerman case



    Florida Trial Court's 2012 Ruling On The Stand Your Ground Law - Same Law As ...

    Florida Trial Court's 2012 Ruling On The Stand Your Ground Law - Same Law As In Zimmerman Case

    George Zimmerman Case- Response by FloridaDA to Request for Recusal

    George Zimmerman Case- Response by FloridaDA to Request for Recusal

    George Zimmerman: Motion for protective order, media's motions

    George Zimmerman: Motion for protective order, media's motions

    George Zimmerman's motion to disqualify judge Kenneth Lester

    George Zimmerman's motion to disqualify judge Kenneth Lester

    Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman Case Requires Increased Clarity

    This document was obviously issued before more facts were released, thus it contains many erroneous assumptions. I post it for informational purposes.

    Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman Case Requires Increased Clarity

    Zimmerman Motion to Revoke Bond

    Zimmerman Motion to Revoke Bond

    Zimmerman Motion for Reconsideration

    Zimmerman Motion for Reconsideration

    George Zimmerman police report

    George Zimmerman police report site

    George Zimmerman police report

    George Zimmerman's 911 Call History

    George Zimmerman's 911 Call History Site

    48-page document released online by the city of Sanford, Florida showing George Zimmerman's history ... 10:02:46 Comments: AVE & I'ARK DR Buslness/Suhlnvis ...
    From: FM

    George Zimmerman's 911 Call History

    George Zimmerman-Court Documents -- State vs. George Zimmerman court documents

    State vs. George Zimmerman court documents site

    Zimmerman Probable Cause Document (2)

    George Zimmerman Neighbors Complained About Aggressive Tactics Before Trayvon Martin Killing

    A volunteer community watch captain who shot an unarmed Florida teenager to death last month had been the subject of complaints by neighbors in his gated community for aggressive tactics, a homeowner said.

    A Closer Look At George Zimmerman

    Tuesday, September 4, 2012

    The Trayvon Martin case: Why Frank Taaffe is as scary as George Zimmerman

    April 3, 2012 
    UPDATE 07/22/2012, please see end of post, as well as the new post.
    Okay reader, this post is going to be so far from my usual subject matter that even my one and only may not read it. However, it does relate to science in the media as the subject matter covers sociological issues that are finally being highlighted since the tragedy of Trayvon Martin’s death.  Anyway, I simply must get something off my chest regarding this case that has deeply disturbed me. And I think my worry about this thing stands regardless of whether charges are ever filed against Zimmerman and/or whether he’s convicted.

    That thing is otherwise known as Frank Taaffe, friend and defender to George Zimmerman READ MORE

    Zimmerman supporters say he was protecting neighborhood

    Frank Taaffe
    April 03, 2012|By the CNN Wire Staff
    A neighbor and friend of George Zimmerman's said Tuesday on CNN that their neighborhood had suffered eight burglaries, all committed by young black men, in the 15 months prior to Trayvon Martin's shooting.

    Frank Taaffe's account paints a picture of a neighborhood watch volunteer making rounds in a community suffering a spate of burglaries when he ran across what he thought was a suspicious figure walking the streets. Police records appear to only partially substantiate Taaffe's claims about the burglaries, citing three of eight cases in which suspects were identified as black males.READ MORE

    Orlando Watch Shooting Probe Reveals Questionable Police Conduct

    ABC News has uncovered questionable police conduct in the investigation of the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white neighborhood watch captain in Florida, including the alleged "correction" of at least one eyewitness' account.
    Sanford Police Chief Billy Lee said there is no evidence to dispute self-appointed neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman's assertion that he shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin out of self-defense.

    New Account: Zimmerman Told Cops Trayvon’s Last Words Were ‘Okay, You Got It’

    Zimmerman Blows It
    The man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin has a
    whole new set of problems after the court found out
    he lied at his bond hearing, writes Mansfield Frazier.
    by Mansfield Frazier

    In exclusive reporting from Sanford, Fla., Aram Roston offers a new inside account of what Zimmerman told police after the shooting. Plus, read Jelani Cobb on what got Zimmerman charged.

    In exclusive reporting from Sanford, Fla., Aram Roston offers a new inside account of what Zimmerman told police after the shooting. Plus, read Jelani Cobb on what got Zimmerman charged.

    UPDATE: This story has been updated to reflect the court's decision on Friday, Apr. 20, to release Zimmerman on $150,000 bail.

    Last December, George Zimmerman hosted a small gathering at a clubhouse in Lake Mary, Fla. He invited family members and some close friends, and he made a brief speech. He wanted to share with them, he said, the news that he’d earned his associate’s degree in criminal justice. READ MORE


    CLICK HERE to download the pdf manual file

    Pg 25. Community members only serve as the extra “eyes and ears” of law enforcement. They should report their observations of suspicious activities to law enforcement; however, citizens should never try to take action on those observations. Trained law enforcement should be the only ones ever to take action based on observations of suspicious activities.

    Mr. Zimmerman took action well beyond the duties of neighborhood watch. He followed, confronted, and carried a hand gun.

    NSA confirms Retreat View not registered with them

    Here is what The Community Volunteer Coordinator who serves on behalf of Sanford police neighborhood crime watches, has to say.

    The manual warns that watch members should “not attempt to apprehend a person committing a crime or to investigate a suspicious activity.” It should be emphasized to members of patrols, the materials state, that “they do not possess police power and they shall not carry weapons.” The consequences of not following the guidelines are severe, the manual states: “Each member is liable as an individual for civil and criminal charges should he exceed his authority.”

    These are the charges: -- The warrant for Zimmerman

    COUNT 1: MURDER IN THE SECOND DEGREE — In the County of Seminole, State of Florida, on Frebruary 26, 2012, George Zimmerman, did unlawfully and by an act imminently dangerous to another, and evincing a depraved mind regardless of human life, although without any premeditated design to effect the death of any particular individual, kill Trayvon Martin, a human being under the age of eighteen, by shooting the said victim, and during the commission of the aforementioned Second Degree Murder, the said George Zimmerman did carry, display, use, threaten to use or attempt to use a firearm and did actually possess and discharge a firearm, and as a result of the discharge, death or great bodily harm was inflicted upon any person, contrary to the provisions of Sections 782.04(2), 775.087(1) and 775.087(2), Florida Statutes.

    The warrant for Zimmerman

    Trayvon Killing Eyewitness On CNN: I Offered To Show Police Scene Of The Crime, They Declined

    Ashleigh Banfield, substituting in for Anderson Cooper tonight, spoke to an anonymous eyewitness to the death of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman about what she saw that night. She had already spoken out anonymously, but she came forward today with more information. She revealed that after the police brought her in for questioning, she offered to bring them to the scene of the crime and show them what happened, but they declined her offer.
    RELATED: New Trayvon Martin Witness Speaks To Anderson Cooper About Night Of Shooting
    She told Banfield that she heard two cries of help, the second one more of a “devastating, desperate” yell. She said she believes that the yell came from Martin, and heard them loudly arguing outside her window, even if she couldn’t precisely decipher what she was saying. When Banfield asked if it sounded like a confrontation, she agreed. The eyewitness did call 911 and mentioned that she did hear a gun went off. She described the experience as like watching a movie and telling the dispatcher what was happening outside her home, play-by-play.
    At one point, she held up her phone near the screen door so the dispatcher could hear what was happening. Banfield asked, when the gun went off, who it looked like was on top. The eyewitness answered that it looked like “the larger man,” meaning Zimmerman, was on top of Martin. At one point, Zimmerman started walking closer to where the eyewitness could see him, but could not discern whether his face was bloodied or not. When she was called in for questioning by the police, she said their questions did not necessarily have some depth to them, but merely just them asking her for a basic recap of what happened.

    She offered to take them to the location of the crime, but claims that they were not interested. Banfield pressed her to explain why, but she said the police could answer that question better than her. And, in fact, the lead investigator told her that she misheard, and that it was Zimmerman who cried for help, not Martin. Following a community meeting to discuss the issue, she said she contacted the police two more times, but they did not get back to her.
    Watch the video below, courtesy of CNN:

    Zimmerman's Police Call history

    Timeline of Events George Zimmerman Trayvon Martin

    Franke Taaffe’s DAMNING crime scene walkthrough

    Frank Taaffe Believes George Zimmerman Will Be 'Exonerated'

    Update from 4/20 – UNDER OATH, Zimmerman addressed the court today and says he didn’t know how old Trayvon was:

    Trayvon Martin shooting witness breaks silence

    An eyewitness provides details about what was heard and seen before and after George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin.  FROM THE SITE CNN

    Trayvon Martin Killing's Youngest Witness, 13, Still Can Hear The Screams

     Austin McLendon, 13, stands at the spot where he was
    the night of Feb. 26, when about 20 yards away, George
    Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin, in a grassy
    patch behind the townhouse where McLendon lives with
    his family. McLendon said he cannot shake the memory
    of screams and gunfire he heard that night.
    Brown said in hindsight she feels the police investigator on the case attempted to lead her son to provide information that he didn't have. The investigator, she said, would nod yes when asking if it was the man in the T-shirt, who turned out to be Zimmerman, and not the one in the hooded sweatshirt, Martin, who was screaming out for help. And while the police have said that they don't have any evidence to refute Zimmerman's claims of self-defense, the investigators had a different story when they visited her family about a week after the shooting, Brown said.

    "That investigator said flat out that we don't think it was self-defense," Brown said, recalling the day the police came to interview Austin. "Several times he said, 'I have kids, and I'm going to tell you something that I don't tell many people.' He looked at me and said, 'You have to read between the lines. There's some stereotyping going on.'"

    She continued: "He stood here in my family room telling me that this guy [Zimmerman] is not right and it wasn't self-defense and that they have to prove that it wasn't. He was adamant about that. I don't know if that was to make me less uncomfortable or to make us feel that he was on our side."
    In recent days, other witnesses have come forward to say that the police attempted to twist their testimony to support Zimmerman's claims of self-defense or ignored them entirely, including two witnesses who joined the Martin family during a press conference on Friday.  READ MORE

    Tampa Bay News About The Retreat At Twin Lakes

    A memorial to Trayvon Martin, 17, is attached to a
    street sign outside the Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford.
    George Zimmerman, 28, moved into the Retreat in the summer of 2009 with his wife, Shellie. Records show he worked at a pressure-washing company, though neighbors said they never saw a truck.

    Right away, he started calling the police. The 911 operators translated his complaints into the bloodless shorthand of law enforcement.

    Aug. 26, 2009: "Male driving with no headlights on."

    Sept. 22, 2009: "Yellow speed bike doing wheelies."

    Oct. 23, 2009: "Aggressive white and brown pit bull."

     The transcripts of Zimmerman's 911 calls during the more than two years he lived on Retreat View Circle fill 28 pages. His concerns include everything from the driver of a pickup cutting off people to a neighbor leaving his garage door open.

    He kept a close watch for outsiders, but it couldn't have been easy to tell who belonged and who didn't. When the housing market crashed, many townhomes were foreclosed on and the owners evicted. Dozens of investors, unable to unload the two- and three-bedroom properties, rented them to cover their upside-down mortgages.

    The developers had envisioned a stable neighborhood with home­owners planting long-term roots, but now townhouses were turning over all the time. Insiders moved out. Outsiders moved in.
    By the time Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, 40 properties inside the gate were empty and more than half of the residents were renters.

    Including Brandy Green, who was dating Martin's dad. And Zimmerman himself.
    Trayvon Martin lived with his dad, who resides in the Miami area, and had visited his dad's girlfriend at the Retreat several times before. The kids in the neighborhood always looked forward to playing football with him. But to George Zimmerman, he was a stranger.  READ MORE

    Update from 4/17 (I received it 4/9) – A map based on witness location AND description was submitted by visitor Tchoupi Caillou…

    2831 Retreat View Circle is on the Property Appraiser of Seminole County under Selma. This also is the 2nd address given by dispatcher to help police Officers locate the crime scene.
    1211 Twin Trees Lane pops up when you google Jeremy in the Twin Trees or Retreat View. He seem to have a home business. Jeremy is also the name called out in the earliest 911 call. He was basically instructed to stay inside during the scuffle.  READ MORE

    Update from 4/2 - A map including times from Zimmerman’s 911 call:

    “Why did Trayvon run when he did around the 2:08 mark of Zimmerman’s 911 call?”
    If my new map is correct, Zimmerman was still in his parked truck facing west by the cut through, watching Trayvon in his rearview mirrors, talking to 911 about how “these assholes always get away,” giving absolutely HORRIBLE directions to his location, and then Trayvon runs.
    So, what made Trayvon run around the 2:08 mark? Rain? Was he sick/scared of being stalked by Zimmerman? And, by sick/scared of being stalked, I don’t mean the first time Trayvon noticed Zimmerman was when he was leaving the clubhouse’s awning at the beginning of Zimmerman’s 911 call. Trayvon wouldn’t be sick/scared of Zimmerman watching him if the only time they saw each other was from :01 – 1:30 of Zimmerman’s 911 call. I sort of make this point in my original posting but that seems like years (and a few maps) ago.  READ MORE

    A view from the Crawdad hole blog

    I used to make my living going over police reports and evidence. So that’s what I’m gonna do today. Here is the Initial Shooting Report provided by the Sanford Police Department. It is only a partial report made by the first two responding officers. It does not include the detective’s report or any forensics/autopsy information.
    Let’s start with the basics. Sanford, Florida is an incorporated city in central Florida (near Orlando) with a population of 53,570 people. That makes it about 2/3 the size of my hometown. I am fairly familiar with how police departments work in medium sized communities. That is why I am fairly sure that Sanford does not have its own CSI department or a dedicated homicide unit. READ MORE

    An early map showing the speculated routes of TM and GZ

    This map shows an earlier hypothesis before the evidence dump.
    The story can be read Here

    Map: Overview of trip to 711

    This map shows the location and a path from where Trayvon Martin was staying to the 711. 
    This route uses the front gate and not the cut through shortcut near Frank Taaffe's house.
    (Link will open in new window because the map is large)  CLICK HERE FOR GOOGLE MAP
    From  the blog