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Master Revisable Timeline


THIS REVISION ADDS:  Sunset and the end times for civil,  nautical and astronomical twilight.
note that because of the over cast conditions,  ambient light levels expected will be significantly lower.  Link for this document:
The Daily Kos is setting up a TRIAL WATCH HERE

Eighteenth Judicial Circuit  State v. Zimmerman (2012-CF001083-A) DOCUMENTS

As readers discover items in the documents,  that should be added to this time line,  or if anything needs to be revised,  or links that should be added,  post the material as a comment and I'll update the time line as needed. Thanks.
||GZ's phone a blackberry on a prepaid scheme.     ||
||GZ weighed at station night of shooting 207 lbs    ||
|| Zimmerman's MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING    ||
||TM 158 lbs 5'11"                                                 ||
|| Trayvon's phone T-Mobile 138 txt mssgs             ||
||================================== ||

5:09:--    Trayvon makes call lasting 81 minutes,  ends at 6:30

6:05:--    Trayvon leaves home for store.  (est. based on it being a ~16m_walk)

6:21:54   Trayvon is seen outside the store traveling
                from the East to the West to enter 7 Eleven

 [Could these be the guys seen in the 711 video?]

6:22:32   Two minutes later Trayvon leaves the store
                but is not seen outside heading back East

6:23:00    SUNSET 2/26/12

6:29:19   Trayvon is seen outside heading back East

6:30:--    Trayvon's 5:09 call ends

6:30:--    Trayvon makes call lasting 13 minutes.  ends 6:43

6:38:--    Is that Mark Osterman at the M&I bank?  SP has
               taken the video into evidence.

6:41:--    Incoming call lasting 4 minutes  ends at 6:45

6:42:19  approx. At mailboxes: ~3452 feet from
               711 @ 4.4ft/sec. 13min.  (this is a "guesstimate"
                based on several factors: 
                1.  Had he run he needed only approx. 7min.30sec.
                2.  He was being hustled along by an increasing rain.
                     Rain fall:       6:42  -- 0.03
                                           6:47  -- 0.04

                                           6:52  -- 0.04   

                        See Tchoupi's Analysis:                                                                    

                             the link is:

                              More of Tchoupi's work here


6:43:--   Trayvon's 6:30 call ends

6:45:--   Incoming 6:41 call ends

6:45:--   Trayvon makes call lasting  5 minutes  ends at 6:50

6:46 :--  Trayvon makes call lasting 2 minutes ends at 6:48


6:48:--   6:48 call ends

6:49:--   Incoming call lasting 4 minutes  ends at 6:53

6:50:--   Trayvon's  6:45 call ends.

6:53 --   North Dade  1 minute

6:54--   North Dade 1 minute

6:54--   Incoming 18 minutes

6:54:--   At mailboxes (est.  25 MIN WALKING AT 
              4.4ft/second = 6600 FEET
              Trayvon needed only ~13:04 to reach the
               mailboxes from 711.
               Or eta of ~6:42:19  @4.4/ft/sec. walking speed.

6:54:--   Incoming call lasting 18 minutes -- ends 7:14:-- ?

             This puts him easily and securely at the RATL mailboxes by
             6:54pm with  ~564 feet remaining to home via the dog walk.
             A 2 minute 8 seconds walk.

7:04:--    Incoming call last 1 minute ends 7:05
               [Chad called Trayvon to ask when he would be back, this
                is probably that call]

7:05:--    7:04 call ends

7:09:34   George calls NEN to report suspicious person.
               The wiki copy 
               Total time of the call is 4 minutes 7 seconds.
                Some discussion of GPS 
                The best argument not yet heard on the Zimmerman case

7:10:22    GZ:  "Now he's just staring at me!"
                          "It's the clubhouse"

7:10:32    GZ: "Yeah,  now he's coming towards me"

7:10:37    GZ: "He's got his hand in his waistband.:

7:10:55    GZ: "Yup He's coming to check me out"

7:11:41    GZ: "SH-- He's running"

7:11:51    Dispatch:  "Are you following him?"

7:11:59    GZ:  "Yeah!"

7:11:59    Dispatch:  "Ok,  we don't need you to do that!"

7:12:--     Trayvon receives incoming call lasting 4 minutes.

7:12:02    GZ:  "Okay!"

7:12:08    Dispatch:  "What is your name?"

7:12:--      TM receives call.  [there is an unresolvable conflict in the phone logs
                 which show an 18 minute 6:54 call not ending before this call comes in]
                 Phone records show this call ended at 7:16 p.m.
                 Police arrived roughly a minute later.

7:12:--      TM tells DD man following,  puts hoodie up.

7:12:10    GZ: "George...  He ran!"

7:12:52     Dispatch: "What address are you parked in front of?"

7:12:56     GZ: " Um,  I don't know,  it's a cut through..."

7:13:13     Dispatch:  "Okay do you want to just meet with
                                        them right near the mailboxes then?"

7:13:16     GZ:  "Yeah that's fine!"

7:13:20     Dispatch: "Alright George, I'll let them know to
                                      meet you around there,  okay?"

7:13:22      GZ: "Acutally could you have them ,  could you
                            have them call me and I'll tell them where I'm at?"

7:13:25     Dispatch:  "Okay,  yeah that's no problem."

7:13:37     Dispatch: "You're welcome!"

7:13:43    GZ’s NEN call ended at 7:13:43pm (per trial)


7:14:--     TM's 6:54 call ends
7:15:44    TM's 6:54 call ends (per trial)

7:16:--     Trayvon's  7:12 call ends.
                 [LeaNder notes here about T-Mobile's rounding]

7:16:11  WITNESS 11 911 CALL AUDIO

7:16:11   WITNESS 11  BEGINS 911 CALL [transcript]
               [There is a gap between DD's dropped call and the 911 picking up]
                BOTH 40FT SOUTH OF THE T AT THIS TIME]
               [This post explains some of what the voice analysis found]

7:16:41   WITNESS 3 BEGINS 911 CALL [transcript]

7:16:59   -- GUNSHOT --
              [AUTOPSY REPORT]  
              [MARTIAL ARTISTS]
              [Tzar's excellent collection of video shorts]
              [Witness #18 CNN interview]

7:17:40   Tim Smith arrives
              [he won't find gz unitl 7:19: 53]

7:17:06  WITNESS 18 BEGINS 911 CALL

7:17:15  WITNESS 6 BEGINS 911 CALL

7:17:54  WITNESS 5 BEGINS 911 CALL

7:18:00  WITNESS 19 BEGINS 911 CALL

7:18:38   WITNESS 11 ENDS 911  CALL

7:18:52   WITNESS 6 ENDS 911 CALL

7:19:07    Picture of Zimmerman's head is taken.

7:19:04   WITNESS 15 (AND WITNESS 14) BEGIN 911 CALL

7:19:39   WITNESS 5 ENDS 911 CALL

7:19:43   Officer Smith takes Zimmerman into custody.

              Lynn commented

7:20:24   WITNESS 3 ENDS 911 CALL7:20:50   WITNESS 15 AND 14 ENDS 911 CALL

                 amsterdam1234 says:

7:25:--    Officer Wagoner takes a photo of George Zimmerman in a squad car.

7:21:04   WITNESS 19 ENDS 911 CALL

7:30:00   Trayvon pronounced dead by  paramedic.

7:31:32   WITNESS  18 ENDS 911 CALL

7:40:00   SFR treats Zimmerman.


TIME -- UNKNOWN :  Wolfinger and Lee are said to have appeared either at the station or at the crime scene

7:52:00  Zimmerman arrives at Police Station.

8:32:59   MAKE: HOND Color WHI FDQ  (pg 11)

8:40:00  Former SPD Chief Bill Lee entered the Crime Scene Contamination
              Area at 2040 hrs (8:40PM) according to the official log  pg 47, 48, 49.
[Curiously, neither Officer Timothy Smith nor Mark Osterman’s name appears
  in the log, and we know they were both inside the crime scene.]
  Found skittles in top front hoodie pocket,  did not find Iced Tea.

9:44 pm  M.E. Tara Malphurs arrives,  leaves at 10:10 pm  pg 35 of 284 

8:47:15  HOND Color GRY FDQ (pg 11)


Complete Transcript, Serino Interview, 2/29/2012, Tape 3


               [The reenactment annotated]



         ---  FROM THE EVIDENCE DUMPS  ----

[I have no times for these items,  but I will add them to the

timeline as times for each item becomes available.]


Page 3:  Officer Mike Bernosky #59 Traffic:  Ran two car tags to attempt to
identify the victim as he had no id.  Tags came back to peole in the complex, 
he returned to his assignment,  he did not prepare a supplemental report.
Page 8  Sergeant Steve Lynch (officer at the time)  
Sergeant Lynch was having his dinner break at the station when the call
went out.  He heard that a unit was en route to the station with a subject
so he stayed to assist in getting him into an interview room.  When Officer
Smith arrived Officer Lynch met them in the salley port and escorted them
upstairs to the interview room. 
Zimmerman asked if he could wash up.  Officer Lynch reminded the other
officer to ensure that a photograph was taken of the 2 small lacerations on
the back of Zimmerman's head.  Officer Lynch did not notice any injury to
Zimmerman's nose.  Officer Lynch saw Zimmerman cuffed in the interview
room sitting in a chair.  Zimmerman was "grunting" as if in pain.  Page 8
Page 9.  Trayvon's Cousin drove to the 711 to get a black and mild.  Trayvon
stayed in the car.  Had Trayvon wanted a black and mild as some have
claimed,  he could have simply asked his cousin to get some.
Says Trayvon didn't know anyone except [redacted]. Identified 911 screams
 "on stack of bibles it was Trayvon".
Page 10  Sergeant Stacie McCoy.  Observed Off. Smith with GZ, back of patrol car w/feet out.  She went to Martin,  Off. Ayala gloves bag wound.  Took over from Ayala.  SFD took over from her,  had Fire Control check GZ in car.  Instructed Off.  Smith to transport GZ to station,  Off. Johnson to follow.
Page 11  Jonathan Mead SPD Patrol Arrived after SFD.  Ayala and a sergeant doing CPR on Martin,  helped crime scene tape.  Took statement forms (3 +)  Saw flashlight "on" at T.  Noted GZ's injured nose and bleeding head.  Responded to GZ's calls on previous occasions,  GZ had been on foot at those times.
Page 12 Sgt.  Tony Raimondo Patrol East Region
Second on scene,  parked near off. Smith's vehicle.  Checked Martin no pulse.  Got bag from Asian male,  started CPR.  Ayala did chest compressions until Sgt McCoy took over.  Felt can of iced tea in hoodie pocket,  did not remove it.
Page 13 Neil Robertson  Reserve Off.
Rode with Off. Wagner.  Arrived same time Rescue did.  Observed GZ in patrol car with legs out.  No interaction.  Was in charge of Contamination Log and documenting arrival of personnel.  Was handed a statement by male,  possibly Asian,  gave it to another uniformed officer.
Page 14 Sgt.  Joseph Santiago  Narcotics
Arrived as duty sgt.  scene was taped off. Observed Asian male inside tape.  He instructed officers to canvass.  Saw phone on the grass,  ordered info retreval attempt. 
Page 15 Det.  Chris Serino  Maj.  Crimes Unit
Did not know Air Marshal who came with GZ for his additional interview.
He id'ed officers in salley port video as: Tim Smith,  Adam Johnson and Steve Lynch.  GZ's holster was nylon with no retention strap,  not attached to a belt.  Unaware of pictures taken with phone.

Page 31  She sees Trayvon's body face down,  as if sleeping, with one leg
bent.  She calls 911 again and learns GZ has been arrested,  she goes outside
and sees Trayvon's body is laying on his back with one leg bent. 
Page 40 ---  Tracey Martin last saw Trayvon was on Sat.  night after the
football game.  The Victime left with _________, Martin gave the Victim $ 75 to
$ 100.00 to eat and go to the movies. 
[Where did the money go?]

Page 36 --- Advised that she was friends with the Victim and had talked
with him on thecell phone several times on the date of the incident.  Some
of the calls were disconnected.  she advised that the Victim told he was
going to the store for his brother and was going to get a drink and candy.
The Victim had talked about missing his mother.  The Victim left the store
and the phone disconnected.  She then called back and the Victim was
walking and said it was starting to rain.   [She] could hear the rain in the
background.  The Victim said he was at a covered/mail area advised that
the phone disconnected again and she called back.  The Victim said that
a man who was on a phone was watching him. 
Tzar says:
April 8, 2013 at 9:43 am
A bond hearing post about the foot chase, by det. Gilbreth
amsterdam1234 says:
April 8, 2013 at 9:44 am 
About DD the walk from 711 and the rain.
You all have thoughtful comments 
commented about George Zimmermans history of violence
The relationship at law that made HOA responsible 
Nef05 commented on Zimmerman: 
The immunity hearing should not be combined with the trial. 



 George Zimmerman's School Records  College and High School
kllypyn commented



April 16, 2013

1:30 pm  Robert Zimmerman, Sr,  co/OLG
3:30 pm  Gladys Zimmerman, c/o OLG
April  17,  2013

9:00 am  Robert Zimmerman Jr, c/o OLG
1:00 pm  Mark Osterman, c/o OLG
3:30 pm  Sondra Osterman, c/o OLG
April  18,  2013

1:00 pm  Frank Taffee, c/o OLG
3:00 pm  GZW V, c/o OLG


Friday, March 22, 2013

Insight – Screaming For His Life

by Xena
On the evening of February 26, 2012, a resident of the Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford, FL., called 911 to report cries for help. Her call captured screams and the gunshot that ended the life of unarmed, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Admitted killer and accused murderer, George Zimmerman, awaits trial for 2nd degree murder, which is scheduled to begin on June 10, 2013. George Zimmerman claims that he killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense.
In a video, Xy11xy brings forth profound analysis of the screams captured on the 911 call. She begins with Robert Zimmerman Sr.’s own words to start her analysis, and ends with George Zimmerman’s need silence Trayvon Martin. Xy11xy’s conclusion is confirmed by George Zimmerman himself. In his interview with Sean Hannity, Zimmerman said that he was terrified that night? Why was Zimmerman terrified? He told Hannity;
ZIMMERMAN: “I also thought the police were going to come and see me with the firearm and shoot me. I mean, I was terrified.”
Does this not sound like a man who believes that the arriving police would perceive him as a criminal because he is holding a gun?  But, holding the gun is not all Zimmerman and his dad claim was happening when Zimmerman killed Trayvon.  READ MORE

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Signs of a conspiracy & cover-up in Trayvon Martin case (Part 1: Surveillance cameras & lights) George Zimmerman HAD PARTNER/S (The 9-1-1 call proves it!!) New evidence in Trayvon Martin case

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

AT Close Range: The Curious Case of Trayvon Martin

AT Close Range: The Curious Case of Trayvon Martin

 The Center for the Study of Race and Race Relations’ 10th annual Spring Lecture & Panel Discussions, At Close Range: The Curious Case of Trayvon Martin,” will feature New York Times visual op-ed columnist Charles Blow.

Participants include UF faculty and graduate students from history, journalism, African-American studies, sociology, anthropology, law, education, political science, English, philosophy and health services research. Panelists will discuss a range of topics including racial bias and media perspectives and will recommend policy changes.  READ MORE


 When GZ's bullet slammed into Trayvon's chest,  chewing up his left ventricle and puncturing his lung,  he experienced quite a bit of trauma.  Massive chest pains,  lungs filling with blood,  a chest cavity filling with blood and a brain starving for oxygen,  rising CO2 levels causing urgent signals to breath,  it's difficult, if not impossible to imagine TM's dire internal struggles from keeping him non-verbal. 

Okay,  but if that wasn't enough to prevent him from uttering a coherent phrase,  then this certainly would.  You see,  to operate the lungs the diaphragm needs an intact plural cavity,  otherwise,  breathing in or out is impossible.  Trayvon's chest had a hole in it,  so any attempt to compress the chest does not force air out of the lungs,  but,  instead releases the pressure through the hole in his chest.  Any attempt to draw air into the lungs,   again,  doesn't create a vacuum in which the lungs can expand,  but instead draws air in through the hole in the chest that defeats the creation of the vacuum needed to inflate the lungs.

So,  Trayvon would not have been able to move air in or out of his lungs,  once the hole in his chest was opened.  Which is indicated by the earliest attempts at CPR,  the gurgling noises were air moving in and out of the chest cavity,  without effect on the lungs.   

So,  Trayvon did not fall silent for lack of air in his lungs as some medical people have explained.  He would have had some residual air in his lungs.  What Trayvon lacked was any means to move that air in or out of his lungs,  because the hole in his chest defeated the compression/vacuum action of the chest and diaphragm. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Prosecutor denies interfering in Florida shooting case

(Reuters) - A Florida prosecutor who removed himself from the investigation into the shooting death of black teenager Trayvon Martin denied on Monday that he quashed police intentions to charge the shooter with manslaughter.

State Attorney Norm Wolfinger asked the U.S. Justice Department civil rights division to disregard a letter it received from lawyers for Martin's family which referred to reports that Wolfinger interfered in the police investigation.

The letter contained "outright lies," Wolfinger said.

George Zimmerman, 28, a neighborhood watch volunteer, shot and killed 17-year-old Martin on February 26 in Sanford, Florida, claiming self defense. Police did not arrest Zimmerman, saying evidence had failed to contradict his story that he was attacked by Martin.

The racially charged case has prompted demonstrations around the United States demanding Zimmerman's arrest. The Justice Department has agreed to review the investigation by Florida state and local authorities.

ABC News reported last week that Sanford police detective Chris Serino, unconvinced by Zimmerman's story of self-defense, wanted to charge him with manslaughter, but was overruled by Wolfinger's office.

A separate report by news website, unconfirmed by Reuters, said Wolfinger left his home the Sunday night of the shooting to meet with Sanford police in person.

Benjamin Crump, a lawyer for the Martin family, asked the Justice Department in a letter on Monday to investigate those reports. Though the letter reported the events without attribution, Crump told Reuters his information came from the media reports and he did not have independent verification.
Wolfinger had declined all comment since removing himself from the case on March 22, but fired back in a statement on Monday.

"I am outraged by the outright lies contained in the letter by Benjamin Crump," Wolfinger said. "I encourage the Justice Department to investigate and document that no such meeting or communication occurred."

Wolfinger said last month he removed himself from the case in the hope of "toning down the rhetoric."

That same day, Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee also stepped aside, saying "my involvement in the matter is overshadowing the process." The city commission governing Sanford had passed a motion of "no confidence" against Lee the night before.

Florida Governor Rick Scott named a special prosecutor, Angela Corey, to replace Wolfinger on the shooting investigation. Corey has yet to say if she intends to charge Zimmerman, who remains free but in hiding.

Lynne Bumpus-Hooper, a spokesman for Wolfinger, said the state attorney never spoke with Lee on the night of the shooting. Instead Sanford police consulted that night with Kelly Jo Hines, the prosecutor on call, Bumpus-Hooper said. She declined to say what was discussed.
"Police officers can make an arrest at virtually any dadgum point they feel they have enough probable cause to make an arrest," Bumpus-Hooper said. "They do not need our permission and they do not seek our permission."
(Reporting by Daniel Trotta and Barbara Liston. Editing by David Adams and David Brunnstrom)


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

GZs' Motion for Reconsideration

» motion_for_reconsideration View file: motion_for_reconsideration

View file: motion_for_reconsideration

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Trayvon Martin Lynching: Lawrence O’Donnell Challenges Orlando Sentinel


How does an untrained,  timid teenager,  suddenly turn into a violent and deadly attacker?
How does this timid untrained teen,  come to believe that his weak and untrained assault will accomplish anything more than to further enrage a follower/stalker,  who might yet be safely

Of course we know now that Zimmerman is a liar,  that has been proven.  So,  why should we believe the story he's trying to tell us,  when the timing of it says that both he and Trayvon would have been talking on their phones at the time of the claimed sneak attack?  A sneak attack that,  it turns out,  was not sneak attack at all and which actually happened some 40+ feet away from where the proven liar claims it happened?

How does it come about that the witnesses who say that Trayvon was on top,  also testify to observations of actions that never occurred?  Actions they claim to have happened that,  while they coincide with the liars false story,  but they then had to retract?   While the witnesses who saw Trayvon on the bottom,  had trouble getting their reports taken.

Meanwhile Rene Stutzman is asserting as fact the very versions of the stories the proven liar Zimmerman is giving us.  While never once mentioning that Trayvon's lack of trace evidence on his hands,  proves that his hands were never used to defend himself,  let alone attack GZ.  The slim weak and untrained child was grabbed and assaulted by the angry and violent,  big strong adult who had hours of weapons training and was armed with a concealed weapon that Trayvon never got to see until it was too late.

Of course,  even if Trayvon had seen GZ's weapon,  what would be the use of even trying to reach for it?  He was not big or strong enough,   nor trained well enough to have any confidence that he could take it away.  Not that he'd know how to operate it if he did.  For example,  what would he do if the gun weren't already operational?  How would he make it operational?  He'd have no idea.

But we know from the forensics surrounding the gunshot,  that GZ had one hand holding onto Trayvon's garments and pulling them towards himself,  while his other hand held the weapon when he took the kill shot.  That is not fending off a lethal attack,  that is murder.