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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Trayvon Martin Lynching: Lawrence O’Donnell Challenges Orlando Sentinel


How does an untrained,  timid teenager,  suddenly turn into a violent and deadly attacker?
How does this timid untrained teen,  come to believe that his weak and untrained assault will accomplish anything more than to further enrage a follower/stalker,  who might yet be safely

Of course we know now that Zimmerman is a liar,  that has been proven.  So,  why should we believe the story he's trying to tell us,  when the timing of it says that both he and Trayvon would have been talking on their phones at the time of the claimed sneak attack?  A sneak attack that,  it turns out,  was not sneak attack at all and which actually happened some 40+ feet away from where the proven liar claims it happened?

How does it come about that the witnesses who say that Trayvon was on top,  also testify to observations of actions that never occurred?  Actions they claim to have happened that,  while they coincide with the liars false story,  but they then had to retract?   While the witnesses who saw Trayvon on the bottom,  had trouble getting their reports taken.

Meanwhile Rene Stutzman is asserting as fact the very versions of the stories the proven liar Zimmerman is giving us.  While never once mentioning that Trayvon's lack of trace evidence on his hands,  proves that his hands were never used to defend himself,  let alone attack GZ.  The slim weak and untrained child was grabbed and assaulted by the angry and violent,  big strong adult who had hours of weapons training and was armed with a concealed weapon that Trayvon never got to see until it was too late.

Of course,  even if Trayvon had seen GZ's weapon,  what would be the use of even trying to reach for it?  He was not big or strong enough,   nor trained well enough to have any confidence that he could take it away.  Not that he'd know how to operate it if he did.  For example,  what would he do if the gun weren't already operational?  How would he make it operational?  He'd have no idea.

But we know from the forensics surrounding the gunshot,  that GZ had one hand holding onto Trayvon's garments and pulling them towards himself,  while his other hand held the weapon when he took the kill shot.  That is not fending off a lethal attack,  that is murder.

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