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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Enhanced 9-1-1

In North America, where 9-1-1 was chosen as the easy access code, the system tries to automatically associate a location with the origin of the call. This location may be a physical address or other geographic reference information such as X/Y map coordinates. The caller's telephone number is used in various ways to derive a location that can be used to dispatch police, fire, emergency medical and other response resources. Automatic location of the emergency makes it quicker to locate the required resources during fires, break-ins, kidnappings, and other events where communicating one's location is difficult or impossible.  READ MORE

Florida E911

Since 1973, the State of Florida has been updating and building advanced technology statewide emergency number 911 systems, implemented by the counties, to serve its citizens and visitors in emergency situations.

In May 1997, 911 was established statewide. As of September 20, 2005 Wireline Enhanced 911

"E911" services provides the Public Safety Answering Point with the telephone number and the caller address in all 67 counties.

2007 Legislation changed the Wireless 911 Board to an E911 Board; revising membership, powers, duties, and responsibilities of the board.

As of March 31, 2008, all counties report Wireless E911 Phase I and Phase II completion. Phase I service provides the call back number and the location of the cell site. Phase II provides the capability to receive the call back number and the location information (latitude and longitude) provided for the cellular caller from the service provider. FROM THE SITE

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Zimmerman: Once Upon a Midnight Dreary While I Pondered Weak and Weary

Cross posted from Frederick Leatherman Law Blog.
Much of the background noise during the NEN call is unintelligible, but I heard one statement clearly.
"My keys are in the truck." George Zimmerman was out of his truck when he said this to someone.

I also heard what sounded to me like racking his gun to chamber a round, just before he says, "Zimmerman."

I do not believe anyone would get out of their vehicle to chase a potential burglar and leave their keys in it unattended. For example, what happens if that someone doubles back and steals the vehicle?
No, that never made sense to me.

That led me to think that someone was in the truck or George Zimmerman wanted someone to use his truck.

Keeping in mind that GZ lies all the time, he did say that he and Shellie customarily shopped on Sunday night for groceries for the coming week and that he was on the way to do that when he spotted TM.

Could Shellie have been in the truck?

Probably not, because I think we would have heard her objecting to him getting out of the truck to follow Trayvon Martin.

That means he may have wanted someone who lived nearby to use his truck or else someone else got out of the truck with him and accompanied him a short distance before they decided to separate.
Apparently, TM did not mention seeing more than one person to Dee Dee, but he might not have been able to see anyone inside the vehicle after dark, particularly if the windows were tinted, the headlights were on, and he was in front of the vehicle looking back at it. Even from the side, a passenger may not have been visible.

The next question is to whom would GZ have made this statement while he was hunting TM?

Sunday, March 10, 2013


By Eric Gallagher

Noah Caraker, an administrative employee of the Seminole County Public Schools, acting in the capacity as the then Board President of the Retreat at Twin Lakes Homeowners Association (HOA), forged an agreement between the HOA and the Sanford Police Department where the HOA hired and paid Sanford Police in exchange for their patrolling the Retreat at Twin Lakes community and enforcing HOA Board polices upon community residents.
This disclosure, so far ignored by the left wing MSM, and the right wing alternative media, is contained within the recently released highly redacted incomplete disclosure furnished by the office of Special Prosecutor Angela Corey, and lays bare the conflict of interest which made the Trayvon Martin murder a reality, and its cover up a necessity.
Contained  in the 183page discovery document is copy of the June 2011 Newsletter of the Retreat at Twin Lakes (RTL) HOA. Directly beneath the photo of Caraker (Page 162) with his property manager and fellow Board Members appears the announcement to the community which declares, “The Board will begin hiring Sanford Police Officers again in July to Patrol the community several times a month and enforce the RTL speed limit and other HOA policies.”
Given the tension in the RTL community which is a product of the recent demographic changes in the neighborhood, and the resistance of some to such changes, which came as a result of the housing market crash, such an announcement and policy by the HOA could be seen by some as both provocative and coercive, and perhaps that was precisely the purpose and intent.
Records on file with the Seminole County Property Appraisers Office indicate that former Board President Caraker, much like his fellow Board Members and others in the community who have been quoted in the media as supporting existing HOA policy, all generally purchased their homes at the height of the real estate market when the community was new, and now their values have cratered to far less than one half of what they paid only a few years ago. For example, Board Member Cynthia Wibker, paid $243,500 in November 2006 for a property which is presently valued at $82,834 by the county, which is a present value of approximately one third of the purchase price.
When this financial data is viewed in conjunction with the decision by the HOA Board Members to hire the Sanford Police to enforce its HOA Board policies, and its decision to create the Neighborhood Watch program operated by George Zimmerman which functioned in the manner that it did with Zimmerman patrolling the neighborhood on a nightly basis with a gun, the impression is cast that those setting policy within the community did not look at themselves as the cause of their own bad financial investments. Instead, the impression is given that Board Members sought to assign such blame upon those who moved in to the community after the collapse of the real estate market, thus changing the demographics of the community.  Furthermore, these policies implemented by the HOA Board, and the manner in which they were selectively applied, casts the impression that there was a shared misguided belief that if somehow the community could return to its original demographic composition, that property values would somehow be restored to the purchase prices which they originally paid. READ MORE

Featuring: LLMPapa with two reasons why there there will be no immunity hearing

by masonblue
Papa's back in the house with two excellent videos demonstrating why there will not be an immunity hearing.

Knox Update:

Searching Mind reviewed his copy of Spitz and Spitz, The Medicolegal Investigation of Death, which Knox cited as authority in responding to a comment that Lonnie posted at Knox's site challenging his claim that GZ could have fired the fatal shot while lying on his back with Trayvon in the superior position straddling him. Knox accused Lonnie of bias and cited the text as authority for his claim that the trajectory of the shot is not inconsistent with the defendant's position.
Here's SM's comment:
Knox claimed that “it is entirely incorrect to assert that Zimmerman could not have made the shot [i.e. the straight line shot, front to back, without angles] at that angle [i.e. Zimmerman lying with his back on the ground while Trayvon was mounted on top of him, leaning over him, straddling him suffocating him, etc.]. “It is quite possible”, Knox claimed further. To support his claim, Knox referenced “Spitz & Spitz, The Medicolegal Investigation of Death”. Nothing in the book cited by Knox (and it’s called “Spitz & Fisher” not “Spitz & Spitz” of which I have a copy) supports Knox’s claim. Knox knows- or should have known that. What he did is the same as inserting non-extent sources in the footnotes of an academic paper.

Witness 8 (Dee Dee) did not commit perjury

Saturday, March 9, 2013
Good morning:
Today, we are going to take a tour of the Florida perjury statutes to clear up any lingering confusion caused by the troll yesterday regarding the law and its possible application to DD.
Keep in mind that I believe the evidence will show that she did not lie about anything, much less commit perjury and I believe the U.S. media has been grossly irresponsible in reporting that she did. Nevertheless, the false accusation has been made and I am going to hopefully refute and bury it forever.
Keep in mind that all federal and state crimes are defined by statutes passed by both houses of a bicameral legislature and signed into law by an executive (president or governor). They are enacted pursuant to the police power granted to the legislative body by the federal or state constitution.
Federal courts have jurisdiction to decide cases involving violations of federal offenses and state courts have jurisdiction to decide cases involving violations of state offenses.
All criminal statutes consist of elements that the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt to convict a defendant. The elements consist of a particular state of mind (mens rea) and a prohibited act (actus reus).
The Florida perjury statute sets forth two general categories of offenses: perjury and false statements. Perjury is the more serious offense because it consists of the base offense (a false statement) with additional elements (oath and subject matter materiality).
Perjury is subdivided into 3 categories: perjury in official proceedings, perjury not in official proceedings and perjury by contradicting statements.
The false statements category also is subdivided into 3 categories: false reports to law enforcement authorities, false information to law enforcement during an investigation, and false official statements.
Notice that the basis for distinguishing these false-statement offenses from ordinary everyday lying is the element of the offense that specifies to whom the lie is communicated.
That is, mere lying is not a criminal offense.
Now, let us take a look at each of the offenses beginning with the false statements that define the boundary between lies without criminal consequences and lies with criminal consequences.