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Sunday, March 10, 2013


By Eric Gallagher

Noah Caraker, an administrative employee of the Seminole County Public Schools, acting in the capacity as the then Board President of the Retreat at Twin Lakes Homeowners Association (HOA), forged an agreement between the HOA and the Sanford Police Department where the HOA hired and paid Sanford Police in exchange for their patrolling the Retreat at Twin Lakes community and enforcing HOA Board polices upon community residents.
This disclosure, so far ignored by the left wing MSM, and the right wing alternative media, is contained within the recently released highly redacted incomplete disclosure furnished by the office of Special Prosecutor Angela Corey, and lays bare the conflict of interest which made the Trayvon Martin murder a reality, and its cover up a necessity.
Contained  in the 183page discovery document is copy of the June 2011 Newsletter of the Retreat at Twin Lakes (RTL) HOA. Directly beneath the photo of Caraker (Page 162) with his property manager and fellow Board Members appears the announcement to the community which declares, “The Board will begin hiring Sanford Police Officers again in July to Patrol the community several times a month and enforce the RTL speed limit and other HOA policies.”
Given the tension in the RTL community which is a product of the recent demographic changes in the neighborhood, and the resistance of some to such changes, which came as a result of the housing market crash, such an announcement and policy by the HOA could be seen by some as both provocative and coercive, and perhaps that was precisely the purpose and intent.
Records on file with the Seminole County Property Appraisers Office indicate that former Board President Caraker, much like his fellow Board Members and others in the community who have been quoted in the media as supporting existing HOA policy, all generally purchased their homes at the height of the real estate market when the community was new, and now their values have cratered to far less than one half of what they paid only a few years ago. For example, Board Member Cynthia Wibker, paid $243,500 in November 2006 for a property which is presently valued at $82,834 by the county, which is a present value of approximately one third of the purchase price.
When this financial data is viewed in conjunction with the decision by the HOA Board Members to hire the Sanford Police to enforce its HOA Board policies, and its decision to create the Neighborhood Watch program operated by George Zimmerman which functioned in the manner that it did with Zimmerman patrolling the neighborhood on a nightly basis with a gun, the impression is cast that those setting policy within the community did not look at themselves as the cause of their own bad financial investments. Instead, the impression is given that Board Members sought to assign such blame upon those who moved in to the community after the collapse of the real estate market, thus changing the demographics of the community.  Furthermore, these policies implemented by the HOA Board, and the manner in which they were selectively applied, casts the impression that there was a shared misguided belief that if somehow the community could return to its original demographic composition, that property values would somehow be restored to the purchase prices which they originally paid. READ MORE

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