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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Week One Jury Selection - by AxiomAmnesia (Zimmerman)

Day 4 Jury Selection - By Stateoftheinternet - Trent Sawyer


Friday, June 14, 2013

Jury Selection days 1THROUGH 5

Jury selection days one through 5 in a playlist.  It plays continuously so you'll need to note the times days and parts for cites.  Just stop the video and move the cursor,  the title should appear at the top margin.

In the lower right corner there is a play list control,  it's the first button on the right,  click on it to see the videos in the playlist and click on them to jump to that video.  Enjoy.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

BOXING --- Weight divisions

Weight divisions 


Trayvon Martin was 158 pounds 5' 11" from the Autopsy report.

George Zimmerman was 207 pounds 5' 8' from the police report.


There were traditionally eight weight divisions in men’s boxing. More divisions were added until professional governing bodies now recognize a total of 17 weight classes. The upper limits of these classes are delimited as follows:

  • strawweight, 105 pounds (48 kg)
  • junior flyweight, 108 pounds (49 kg)
  • flyweight, 112 pounds (51 kg)
  • junior bantamweight, 115 pounds (52 kg)
  • bantamweight, 118 pounds (53.5 kg)
  • junior featherweight, 122 pounds (55 kg)
  • featherweight, 126 pounds (57 kg)
  • junior lightweight, 130 pounds (59 kg)
  • lightweight, 135 pounds (61 kg)
  • junior welterweight, 140 pounds (63.5 kg)
  • welterweight, 147 pounds (67 kg)
  • junior middleweight, 154 pounds (70 kg)
  • middleweight, 160 pounds (72.5 kg)
  • super middleweight, 168 pounds (76 kg)
  • light heavyweight, 175 pounds (79 kg)
  • cruiserweight, 190 pounds (86 kg)
  • heavyweight, unlimited


Tuesday, June 11, 2013


People have the idea that Chad asked Trayvon to go to the store,  he did not but:
Actually there's a wee bit more to the story than that.  Trayvon told DD that Chad wanted skittles and that's why he was going to the store.  But... Chad told us that Trayvon told him that he was going to go to the store and wanted to know if Chad wanted anything,  to which Chad replied skittles.

So,  it's obvious to me that Trayvon had already made up his mind about going to the store,  but he did not want to tell anyone,  other than Chad that he did.  My guess is that if he had made it home safe,  his story would have been that Chad wanted skittles.  But,  Chad did not say that.  Chad said that Trayvon asked him if he wanted anything from the store. 

It's important to realize that Trayvon's mind was already made up about going to the store.  Because that is a fit with what happens at the 711 and tends to explain why,  with Tracey and Brandy gone for only a few hours (they came home around 11pm) Trayvon would go to the store at all.  I'm sure Brandy had plenty of snacks and drinks in the house as is usually the case in rural areas where the store isn't just around the corner as it is in major cities.  The store is .7 miles or approximately a 15 minute walk away and 15 minutes back. 

So,  why would you think that Trayvon would suddenly want to go to the store by himself,  at sundown,  on a cool rainy Sunday night?  It hardly makes sense at all,  unless he had a meeting to make.

Okay,  more evidence of a meeting is dread,  he remarks to DD on his way to the store that he wishes him mother were there!  Why would a child,  a teenager out for exercise or an enjoyable walk to the store-as-a-diversion,  be wishing for his mother?  Makes no sense at all,  unless he has misgivings about what he expected up ahead.

Then,  with all that circumstantial speculation behind us,  let's see what happens next.  He gets to the store,  he buys some iced tea and some skittles,  he spots a coin on the floor and tries to ignore it,  then, as he's about to leave he turns,  goes back and tries to scoop it.  Of course it doesn't budge because it's a trick coin the type they have in most convenience stores.  Clue,  Trayvon doesn't frequent 711's at all.  So,  he exits the store,  but does he head back east?   Nope,  in fact he steps to the west and waits there.  In 30 seconds,  lo and behold we see in the window a headlamp of a car pull in quickly.  After a moment 3 guys come into the store with their faces covered,  huh?  Who,  not pulling a robbery or committing any other crime,  keeps their face covered up from the cctv's?  What makes them think that their faces on tape are going to be so memorable?

Meanwhile Trayvon waits patiently outside for these guys to finish up and come out.  After a moments pause,  Trayvon begins heading for home.  Something he should have started doing almost 5 full minutes ago,  nor is he talking to DD yet,  he won't call her back until he is well underway. 

Now those 3 guys are 2 blacks and 1 white guy...  Where have we heard or read about that before?  How about 2/7/2012 when Burgess and Ransberg(burg) were arrested along with two other black males,  while in possession of Dreamicis's 3k laptop,  found in a spiderman knap sack that Ransberg(burg) is carrying,  but which Burgess quickly claims as his (despite the fact that he's out on parole) and then runs into Colonial village where he is caught.  Leaving One White male with two black males to be released from jail that day.  So,  are these the same guys who were with Burgess?  Are they the ones we're seeing meet with Trayvon at the 711? 

It would seem so.  Of course,  we don't have enough to tied this all down as more than speculation,  innuendo and conjecture.  But, there certainly does seem to be a surprisingly good fit to it.  So good in fact,  its probably worth keeping in mind in case more about it is discovered.  Out on the road with a car that night,  they are the ideal choice to track Trayvon's progress back home. Around minute 25--

Discovery: Zimmerman had martial arts training

Monday, June 10, 2013


Posted the video that O'Mara said showed Trayvon's friends beating up homeless man.
O'Mara had this video in his possession since September of 2012 and had viewed it.
He then claimed in court that he had a video depicting two of Trayvon's friends beating up
a homeless man and laughing about it.  The video shows nothing of the sort.
Trayvon would not have called 911,  since the "fight" appeared to be nothing more than
a bit of harmless wrestling and loud mouthing,  which probably contained humorous remarks.

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