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Friday, July 19, 2013

Zimmerman Verdict Does Not Alter Truth

The Zimmerman Verdict – A Return to Jim Crow ‘Justice’


A picture of Trayvon Martin, as he lay dead in the Florida grass, was offered in evidence at the trial.  All media except NBC refused to broadcast the picture.  NBC only aired it by mistake, and then apologized.

What the picture of Trayvon Martin shows was a child who was shot in the chest, while clutching a paper bag in his left hand.  What the picture shows is that Trayvon Martin was clutching a paper bag.  Clutching it as he allegedly grasped George’s head.  Clutching it as he allegedly grappled for George’s gun.  Trayvon Martin left DNA traces on the paper bag, but not on George’s head and not on George’s gun.  The picture was not ‘newsworthy’ because it showed the utter dishonesty of George’s constantly mutating lies.  READ MORE


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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


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Sound the Death Knell for Stand Your Ground Laws

by malialitman


42 USC 1981 makes it a crime for STATE ACTORS (like police) to deprive a person of his constitutional rights “under color of state law.”

Malisha says:

42 USC 1981 makes it a crime for STATE ACTORS (like police) to deprive a person of his constitutional rights “under color of state law.” 42 USC 1983 makes it a liability (money, civil court) for STATE ACTORS (again, like police) to deprive a person of his constitutional rights “under color of state law.” This is the way people sue police for wrongful death, if the POLICE kill their kids etc. In Harford County three white cops arrested a Black man with no criminal record, a veteran, for “tresspassing” but somehow before he got into court in the morning to be arraigned, they managed to beat him to death. A civil rights lawyer sued the sheriff’s department and some others for wrongful death. Usually these settlements are secret and nobody’s head rolls; the taxpayers pick up the bill, of course.

There is also a provision for suing both state actors and non-state actors under these sections for CONSPIRACY to deprive someone of their constitutional rights under color of state law.

That’s what should be used in this case, in my opinion, because the police, the OS, Frances Robles et al., Lee, Carter, Smith, Wolfinger, etc. etc. and the HOA (who have paid up already to get their release so as to not be on the hook for more later) were conspiring long before Trayvon Martin was ever targeted by Fogen.

 They conspired to keep Fogen from facing the problems that arose when HOA members registered complaints about his conduct to the police. Lee hid those complaints and threatened people — or ignored them — who were complaining. Black people were complaining. Fogen was chasing them and scaring them and putting out leaflets to watch out for their kids (for no reason) and accusing them falsely of every kind of misdeed and making their lives unlivable and causing them to live in a hostile home environment.

He was taking away Black residents’ and Black residents’ guessts’ rights, and their life interest in living as free human beings in their own community. He had the complete cooperation and backing of the police in this regard. They are guilty. They should be liable. If the DOJ doesn’t want to use 1981 to say so, private lawyers and/or NAACP lawyers and/or academics should band together and use 1983 to do it. AND if any one party is held liable in any way, shape or form, for any of it, then they can also get attorneys’ fees under 42 USC 1988. It’s about time somebody put some teeth into the law that says you just can’t up and decide to take away someone’s right to live peaceably in their own lives in their own ways without due process.



Sunday, July 14, 2013

How could the proescution fail?

According to Rachel Jeantel,  Trayvon said "He's behind me again!"
That is evidence that Zimmerman was committing an assault on the child.
Next Rachel heard "Why are you following me for?"
Zimmerman responded with a battery,  he knocked the ear buds from Trayvon's ears,  then he
proceeded to strike Trayvon.

Next Rachel heard "Get off,  get off!"

Evidence that Zimmerman was continuing the battery of a child.

Finally Zimmerman drew his weapon and killed the child.  Never once did he
identify himself,  so he did all these crimes as a complete stranger.

He killed the unarmed child who he had assaulted and battered.  Yet the prosecution was unable to make this case.  How could they not say that Zimmerman had no right to be there?   Since the evidence shows that he wasn't just out walking,  nor merely keeping Trayvon in sight.  But he was assaulting and battering the unarmed child before he finally shot him,  without ever explaining who he was or what he thought was happening. 

What law gives any citizen the right to do this to another?   Yet the prosecution at the trial,  was unable to explain that Zimmerman was breaking any laws by doing what he was doing. Experienced prosecutors do not make such mistakes.  If anything,  they split hairs to find more crimes to charge.

White House Petiti9on Please sign, tweet, facebook, etc.

we petition the obama administration to:

Civil Rights Prosecution of George Zimmerman by United States Department of Justice for death of Trayvon Martin

Petition Requesting Prosecution of George Zimmerman for depriving Trayvon Martin of his Constitutional Rights of Life and Liberty by the United States Department of Justice, Eric Holder, United States Attorney General in United States District Court as swiftly and expeditiously as is possible.
Created: Jul 14, 2013

Signatures needed by August 13, 2013 to reach goal of 100,000

The prosecution left out the most important fact in this case:

 The fact is that Trayvon never knew who Zimmerman was,  nor what he was supposed to be doing.  Because,  when asked "Why are you following me?"  He never gave Trayvon an answer,  instead he grabbed Trayvon and knocked his ear buds and phone to the ground.

Face it,  Trayvon was no criminal nor had he any intention to commit any crime,  had Zimmerman identified himself,  Trayvon would have had no reason to fear waiting for the police to arrive.  Zimmerman never gave him a chance!  Instead he began his attack on Trayvon instead of answering Trayvon's question.  Then he drew his gun without warning and fired.  Then claimed to the police that he was just trying to keep the neighborhood safe.  There is no excuse for Zimmerman's conduct,  he knew better than to refuse to identify himself and explain what he was doing.  He did not do that because he was intent on provoking a fight!  A fight he knew he would win because he had a firearm.



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