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Sunday, July 14, 2013

How could the proescution fail?

According to Rachel Jeantel,  Trayvon said "He's behind me again!"
That is evidence that Zimmerman was committing an assault on the child.
Next Rachel heard "Why are you following me for?"
Zimmerman responded with a battery,  he knocked the ear buds from Trayvon's ears,  then he
proceeded to strike Trayvon.

Next Rachel heard "Get off,  get off!"

Evidence that Zimmerman was continuing the battery of a child.

Finally Zimmerman drew his weapon and killed the child.  Never once did he
identify himself,  so he did all these crimes as a complete stranger.

He killed the unarmed child who he had assaulted and battered.  Yet the prosecution was unable to make this case.  How could they not say that Zimmerman had no right to be there?   Since the evidence shows that he wasn't just out walking,  nor merely keeping Trayvon in sight.  But he was assaulting and battering the unarmed child before he finally shot him,  without ever explaining who he was or what he thought was happening. 

What law gives any citizen the right to do this to another?   Yet the prosecution at the trial,  was unable to explain that Zimmerman was breaking any laws by doing what he was doing. Experienced prosecutors do not make such mistakes.  If anything,  they split hairs to find more crimes to charge.

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