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Friday, July 19, 2013

Zimmerman Verdict Does Not Alter Truth

The Zimmerman Verdict – A Return to Jim Crow ‘Justice’


A picture of Trayvon Martin, as he lay dead in the Florida grass, was offered in evidence at the trial.  All media except NBC refused to broadcast the picture.  NBC only aired it by mistake, and then apologized.

What the picture of Trayvon Martin shows was a child who was shot in the chest, while clutching a paper bag in his left hand.  What the picture shows is that Trayvon Martin was clutching a paper bag.  Clutching it as he allegedly grasped George’s head.  Clutching it as he allegedly grappled for George’s gun.  Trayvon Martin left DNA traces on the paper bag, but not on George’s head and not on George’s gun.  The picture was not ‘newsworthy’ because it showed the utter dishonesty of George’s constantly mutating lies.  READ MORE

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