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Friday, February 1, 2013


O'Mara: State unlocked trove of info from Trayvon's cellphone

New court paperwork reveals that prosecutors have unlocked a great deal more information from Trayvon Martin's cell phone, including satellite tracking information that shows where it was in the days leading up to his shooting.

New court paperwork reveals that prosecutors have unlocked a great deal more information from Trayvon Martin's cellphone, including satellite-tracking information that shows where it was in the days leading up to his shooting.
But if it also lays out the teenager's movements Feb. 26 — the day Trayvon was shot and killed by George Zimmerman — prosecutors have not released that to defense attorneys.
Defense attorney Mark O'Mara disclosed that information Wednesday in a new court filing, one asking for more time to prepare for trial.

Zimmerman, the 29-year-old Neighborhood Watch volunteer charged with second-degree murder, says he acted in self-defense when he shot the unarmed black 17-year-old. The trial is currently set for June 10.
One of O'Mara's frustrations, he wrote, has been getting Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda to fully disclose evidence in the case.

Information from Trayvon's phone is one example. The Android-powered smartphone was found near his body, its battery dead, the night of the shooting. It's a key piece of evidence because a young Miami woman says she was on the phone with him moments before the shooting and overheard the conversation between Trayvon and Zimmerman.

Sanford police and Florida Department of Law Enforcement employees had limited success finding out what was on the phone because they were "locked out," the consequence of someone trying repeatedly without the proper password or PIN to gain access to its data.

The state then shipped the phone to a law-enforcement agency in California for more analysis, O'Mara wrote in his new motion, then sent it to a New Jersey company, which successfully unlocked the data in its flash memory, including GPS information that showed its changing locations.
What it found has not been made public.

"It shows you within 10 feet where the phone is," O'Mara told the Orlando Sentinel.
De la Rionda provided those new findings to defense attorneys Jan. 18, O'Mara wrote, but with a gaping hole.

"While the analysis includes GPS locating records for Mr. Martin's phone for all of the time he was in the Sanford area, specifically absent is any such data from February 26, 2012, the date of the event," O'Mara wrote.

"Maybe it's coincidence, but I'm way past [believing it's] coincidence," O'Mara said.
There also seem to be missing phone calls and text messages, he wrote.
De la Rionda's office did not respond to an email asking for comment.


O'Mara: We've spent $300,000 on George Zimmerman and are desperate for more donations

Defense attorney Mark O'Mara and client George Zimmerman have spent their way through more than $300,000 in donations and are desperate for more funds. "The case is out of money," O'Mara said Wednesday, just hours before he filed court paperwork asking that the trial, currently scheduled for June 10, be delayed. Zimmerman's defense fund has raised $314,099.17, O'Mara disclosed, but its balance is currently less than $5,000. Where has the money gone? George Zimmerman and his lawyers have spent nearly $314,000* in legal defense fund contributions. Bond $95,000 Zimmerman's living expenses 61,747* Bodyguards, security 56,100 Law firm spending 40,648 (more office space, computers, software, etc.) Case expenses 35,588 (law office security, website hosting, etc.) *Does not include more than $64,000 that Zimmerman took in and spent before the creation of a trust to oversee the fund. Source: Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund READ MORE

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

George Zimmerman Court Docs & Jail Calls

Marinade Dave has the court documents  in a proper order,  best I've seen yet.
Visit his site CLICK HERE  he also is responsible for the "Walk Through" videos of the Retreat at Twin Lakes,  posted on his site and youtube. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Trayvon 18 Twibbon: Remembering Travyon on his 18th Birthday.

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Detective Chris Serino charging documents. Was he about to be the Defense “Fall Guy?”

by Make Each Day Count

Let's rewind to October 19, 2012. A motion was filed by Mark O'Mara called Emergency Motion for Protective Order/ Prophylactic Sequestration of Witnesses Prior to Defense Deposition.
A Hearing was held on this motion on October 26, 2012 and the motion was denied. This motion was also posted on the website of Mark O'Mara. Trying the case to Public Opinion much Defense Counsel? Or is that perhaps a little potential Jury confusion you attempted through this motion? Many have questioned the ethics of filing this motion. Others called it nothing more than a press release.
The alleged purpose of this motion was to ask the Judge to order that witnesses be prohibited from discussing their testimony amongst one another before their deposition with the Defense. It was based on a deposition taken by Sgt. Santiago, who told the defense that in his opinion, George Zimmerman should not have been charged. He stated that several other officers felt the same way after meetings the group had with Chief Lee. O'Mara and West jumped up and down at the hearing, claiming Government Interference in this charging of Zimmerman, the theatrics just short of an Academy Award. Or so they thought. The Judge felt otherwise.
The Defense claimed that they had never received such exculpatory evidence and pointed fingers at the State for not providing it. Well that is all good for theatrics, however apparently the State disagreed about such discourse in the ranks.
In the eyes of this writer, perhaps some may have set the GPS to forward on that BUS, directly toward Detective Chris Serino as the Fall Guy.
The Defense thought they had a hot number in this Sgt Santiago. They had fairy tale dreams for a while about the gotcha they thought they had on Chris Serino. However, O'Mara and West played their cards far too early in this motion. Gotta know when to hold them and know when to fold them O'Mara.
Chris Serino is no dummy. He hadn't been deposed yet. And now he realized that the BUS was rolling in his direction. Serino has 26 years invested in his career as a police officer and an investigator for the Sanford Police Department. He knows how these things work.
In June, Serino had asked for a demotion from Investigator to Patrol Officer, it was granted. Why? Maybe for many reasons but, Chris Serino knew the road was not going to be paved with hearts and flowers in the year before him.
Although he had stepped up to the plate recommending the charge of Manslaughter, he knew it was not a popular opinion. He also knew that any case he investigated in the future would probably be a tough go for him. Because, defense counsels on any future case he investigated, might try to use his role in the Zimmerman case as a credibility issue.
Fast forward a little. On November 20, 2012 Chris Serino without notifying the City Attorney, hired his own attorney. Well known for the Casey Anthony case, Serino hired Attorney Jose Baez. BOOM Rene Stutzman. Did you hear it, and understand the significance of what this means?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Screen Caps VIMEO video for XENA

Sanford police prepare down-to-the-second George Zimmerman timeline

11:58 a.m. EST, May 21, 2012|
By Rene Stutzman, Orlando Sentinel

In a timeline included in evidence documents released last week, Sanford police spelled out down to the second, what happened the night George Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon Martin, based on time-stamped calls to their dispatch center.

It shows Zimmerman fired 1 minute, 57 seconds after he hung up.

1911:12* - Call received from George Zimmerman reporting suspicious person
1913:19 - Zimmerman relays that suspicious person is running from him
1913:36 - Dispatcher asks Zimmerman if he is following suspicious person
1913:36 - Dispatcher advises Zimmerman "Okay; we don't need you to do that"
1915:23 - Approximate time call with Zimmerman ends
1916:43 - 911 call placed by (blacked out name) where Zimmerman is heard screaming for help
1917:20 - Shot fired; screams from Zimmerman cease
1917:40 - Officer T. Smith arrives on scene
1919:43 - Officer T. Smith locates and places Zimmerman in custody.

*The Seminole County Sheriff's Office, which handled the call, reported it came in at 1909:34.
Source: The office of Special Prosecutor Angela Corey from the Report of Investigation prepared by Sanford police Investigator Chris Serino. or 407-650-6394.


Orlando Sentinel bases story on faulty info in police report, refuses to make correction.

 May 27, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

As I noted in the previous entry, unwinding the mysteries of the Martin/Zimmerman encounter is not a simple matter. The unresolved questions mainly come down to matters of time and space: who was where when, exactly. However the inquiries of both the press and law enforcement officials (at least those that have been made public) only look into two ‘W’s: Who and What. Where and When are almost totally absent. As we’ll see in looking closer at the physical evidence, a few seconds one way or the other can mean an awful lot. That’s why the seemingly trivial matter below isn’t trivial at all.
On May 21, 2012, the Orlando Sentinel published a story on their website titled “Sanford police prepare down-to-the-second George Zimmerman timeline.” The only problem is that the timeline, taken from page 6 of Chris Serino’s report that was part of the 184 page document dump, is utterly wrong, and the material needed to prepare an accurate timeline has been available to the public for months. The story reads:  READ MORE


whonoze on January 27, 2013 at 3:05 pm said:

After literally months in the making the “BCClist clucbhouse security footage + police call audio analysis” video is now completed and up on YouTube: