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Friday, February 1, 2013

O'Mara: We've spent $300,000 on George Zimmerman and are desperate for more donations

Defense attorney Mark O'Mara and client George Zimmerman have spent their way through more than $300,000 in donations and are desperate for more funds. "The case is out of money," O'Mara said Wednesday, just hours before he filed court paperwork asking that the trial, currently scheduled for June 10, be delayed. Zimmerman's defense fund has raised $314,099.17, O'Mara disclosed, but its balance is currently less than $5,000. Where has the money gone? George Zimmerman and his lawyers have spent nearly $314,000* in legal defense fund contributions. Bond $95,000 Zimmerman's living expenses 61,747* Bodyguards, security 56,100 Law firm spending 40,648 (more office space, computers, software, etc.) Case expenses 35,588 (law office security, website hosting, etc.) *Does not include more than $64,000 that Zimmerman took in and spent before the creation of a trust to oversee the fund. Source: Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund READ MORE

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