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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Discovery: Zimmerman had martial arts training

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  1. I wonder how much credence will be lent to the fact that George had martial arts training for self-defense.

    It appears that he began to pay for his membership to the gym in November of 2010, proceeded to pay for membership for four-and-a-half months until February of 2011, and then ceased payments.

    Whether he actually utilized his membership to train in an art of self-defense remains to be seen, and the frequency in which he utilized his membership remains to be seen. Did he have a trainer teaching him how to defend himself? Or was he simply playing with a punching bag and working out? Did he visit the gym everyday? Or did he stop by once every week or so?

    Just as importantly, it should be noted that the altercation between George and Martin did not occur until a full year after his last payment to the gym was made. I assume the goal of the prosecution is to suggest that Zimmerman was an expert in self-defense and physically capable of warding off an attack without the use of a concealed weapon. One might wonder if being a year removed from any sort of physical training would detract from such an assertion.


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