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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Zimmerman: Once Upon a Midnight Dreary While I Pondered Weak and Weary

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Much of the background noise during the NEN call is unintelligible, but I heard one statement clearly.
"My keys are in the truck." George Zimmerman was out of his truck when he said this to someone.

I also heard what sounded to me like racking his gun to chamber a round, just before he says, "Zimmerman."

I do not believe anyone would get out of their vehicle to chase a potential burglar and leave their keys in it unattended. For example, what happens if that someone doubles back and steals the vehicle?
No, that never made sense to me.

That led me to think that someone was in the truck or George Zimmerman wanted someone to use his truck.

Keeping in mind that GZ lies all the time, he did say that he and Shellie customarily shopped on Sunday night for groceries for the coming week and that he was on the way to do that when he spotted TM.

Could Shellie have been in the truck?

Probably not, because I think we would have heard her objecting to him getting out of the truck to follow Trayvon Martin.

That means he may have wanted someone who lived nearby to use his truck or else someone else got out of the truck with him and accompanied him a short distance before they decided to separate.
Apparently, TM did not mention seeing more than one person to Dee Dee, but he might not have been able to see anyone inside the vehicle after dark, particularly if the windows were tinted, the headlights were on, and he was in front of the vehicle looking back at it. Even from the side, a passenger may not have been visible.

The next question is to whom would GZ have made this statement while he was hunting TM?

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