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Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Improved George Zimmerman Re-enactment vs. The World

Published on Aug 14, 2012 by
I think/hope it's pretty self explanatory. This combines both parts of a previous 2 part video I had posted, and adds the previously missing 'third part' dealing with the actual struggle between Martin and Zimmerman.

For additional analysis of the Martin/Zimmerman case evidence and testimony, see (Note, this is a not a forum for general opinion and commentary on the case, just evidenciary issues.)

I've made some changes since the earlier versions, adding some new information and removing some things that I no longer think are important. Special thanks to tchoupi for his analysis of the clubhouse security camera videos. See his M/Z page at:

I had previously speculated that DeeDee may have been mistaken about where Trayvon took cover from the rain, and thus about the time he actually entered The Retreat. However, after reviewing the recording of her interview with Benjamin Crump that was released in the discovery documents, I am now convinced she is sure Trayvon was at the mailbox area in The Retreat when his call dropped at 6:54PM. The recording of her interview with Attorney Crump is technically horrible, and often unintelligible, but I was able to make out enough of the words as she discusses this issue to conclude that she could not be referencing the apartment complex West of The Retreat, as I had earlier thought might be the case.

A raw video of the re-enactment can be seen at:
for those who want to get the flow of the whole thing uninterrupted.

I had to interrupt this one an average like once every 7 seconds to note all the discrepencies, contradictions, implausibilities etc. The sheer mass of these is kind of the point. No one would expect a person to remember every detail of a traumatic event accurately, and fragile memory could even result in elements of an account falling outside the realm of the possible within the laws of physics. But this consistenly? This often? To this degree?

(Opening and closing riff from The Castaways. Police station riff from Humble Pie.)

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