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Saturday, April 13, 2013

George Zimmerman Re-enactment (Full Video)


  1. How could Trayvon "continue" to slam his head against the sidewalk if one hand was covering his mouth and the other was covering his nose?

  2. To bang someone's head against the ground one would have to sit on the chest .... I would think. If you are sitting on the waist, that is a long stretch and would be difficult to do. If Trayvon was straddled his waist, possibly he would have felt the gun with his inner thigh or knee. There is no way he could have been it. According to this demonstration, GZ pulled Trayvon's arm down and reached over it to get the gun. How could he do all of that with his right arm while his body was pinned to the ground. How much before the gun shot were the screams? It sounds like Trayvon was on top of him just letting things happen.


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