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Monday, June 3, 2013


[This just in: 

Defense has known about bicycle fight video for 9 months]

First you make a shocking statement in court,  while the cameras are rolling,  knowing that the media,  the internet news sites and the blogs are going to distribute this fare in seconds globally.

Later,  when there are fewer eyes watching you,  you once again offer a lame apology.  That's supposed to make people trust you again.  Trouble is you keep making these "errors",  and you keep telling outrageous lies to the public.

We know that you need Trayvon to be a nasty dangerous criminal guy who is always ready to fight.
Trouble is,  you can't have that because,  Trayvon never used his hands to touch the messy bloody face and head of your client.  Nor was your client assaulted,  nor was he standing at the T on his way back to his truck.  For at least 112 seconds after Dee Dee says she heard your client make contact with Trayvon,  the first 911 call picks them up and keeps their position fixed at ~45 feet south of the T.  A place your client could only have gotten to,  if he had voluntarily gone there for some purpose.  So,  sit and spin on this for a while

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