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Friday, September 21, 2012

My Deduced Timeline (updated)


Note:  As you read through this timeline,  after hearing the 911 tapes,
it becomes apparent that GZ isn't giving his actual locations, nor
reporting what is actually taking place.

5:09:--    Trayvon makes call lasting 81 minutes,  ends at 6:30

6:05:--    Trayvon leaves home for store.  (est.  ~16m_walk)

6:21:54   Trayvon is seen outside the store traveling
                from the East to the West to enter 7 Eleven

6:24:32   Two minutes later Trayvon leaves the store
                but is not seen outside heading back East

6:29:19   Trayvon is seen outside heading back East

6:30:--    Trayvon's 5:09 call ends

6:30:--    Trayvon makes call lasting 13 minutes.  ends 6:43

6:38:--    Is that Mark Osterman at the M&I bank?  SP has
               taken the video into evidence.

6:41:--    Incoming call lasting 4 minutes  ends at 6:45

6:42:19  approx. At mailboxes: ~3452 feet from
               711 @ 4.4ft/sec. 13min.  (this is a "guesstimate"
                based on several factors: 
                1.  Had he run he needed only approx. 7min.30sec.
                2.  He was being hustled along by an increasing rain.
                     Rain fall:      6:42  -- 0.03
                                           6:47  -- 0.04
                                           6:52  -- 0.04   (see Tchoupi's work)

6:43:--   Trayvon's 6:30 call ends

6:45:--   Incoming 6:41 call ends

6:45:--   Trayvon makes call lasting  5 minutes  ends at 6:50

6:46 :--  Trayvon makes call lasting 2 minutes ends at 6:48

6:48:--   6:48 call ends

6:49:--   Incoming call lasting 4 minutes  ends at 6:53

6:50:--   Trayvon's  6:45 call ends.

6:54:--   At mailboxes (est.  25 MIN WALKING AT 
              4.4ft/second = 6600 FEET
              Trayvon needed only ~13:04 to reach the
               mailboxes from 711.
               Or eta of ~6:42:19  @4.4/ft/sec. walking speed.

6:54:--   Incoming call lasting 18 minutes -- ends 7:14:-- ?

             This puts him easily and securely at the RATL mailboxes by
             6:54pm with  ~564 feet remaining to home via the dog walk.
             A 2 minute 8 seconds walk.

7:04:--    Incoming call last 4 minutes ends 7:08

7:08:--    7:04 call ends

7:09:34   George calls NEN to report suspicious

7:10:22    GZ:  "Now he's just staring at me!"
                          "It's the clubhouse"

7:10:32    GZ: "Yeah,  now he's coming towards me"

7:10:37    GZ: "He's got his hand in his waistband.:

7:10:55    GZ: "Yup He's coming to check me out"

7:11:41    GZ: "SH-- He's running"

7:11:51    Dispatch:  "Are you following him?"

7:11:59    GZ:  "Yeah!"

7:11:59    Dispatch:  "Ok,  we don't need you to do that!"

7:12:02    GZ:  "Okay!"

7:12:08    Dispatch:  "What is your name?"

7:12:--      TM receives call.
                 Phone records show this call ended at 7:16 p.m.
                 Police arrived roughly a minute later.

7:12:--      TM tells DD man following,  puts hoodie up.

7:12:10    GZ: "George...  He ran!"

7:12:52     Dispatch: "What address are you parked in front of?"

7:12:56     GZ: " Um,  I don't know,  it's a cut through..."

7:13:13     Dispatch:  "Okay do you want to just meet with
                                        them right near the mailboxes then?"

7:13:16     GZ:  "Yeah that's fine!"

7:13:20     Dispatch: "Alright George, I'll let them know to
                                      meet you around there,  okay?"

7:13:22      GZ: "Acutally could you have them ,  could you
                            have them call me and I'll tell them where I'm at?"

7:13:25     Dispatch:  "Okay,  yeah that's no problem."

7:13:37     Dispatch: "You're welcome!"

7:13:39    GZ ends NEN call

7:14:--     TM's 6:54 call ends

7:16:--     7:12 call ends.
7:16:59   Gunshot

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