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Friday, September 14, 2012

Witness 8 aka DeeDee composit

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Witness 8 aka DeeDee - composite

Background info
I know the person named Trayvon Martin. I have known him for a long time. We just started talking. I met up with him by him coming by my house with his best friend. I live with my mother. I’ve known him from about Kindergarten. He was a good friend of mine. I would describe Trayvon as funny… a Momma boy, a baby, sheltered in other words. He love his family. Love to play on, love to ride his bike. I don’t know what kind. I din’ pay attention his bike.Yeah, he was alright. He was a good guy. In the last year or so we become closer friends. We dated. We would talk on the phone all the time. I would communicate with him off and on. It was on a daily basis. We were that close. I was kind of his girlfriend. Yeah, we were getting there.

Feb. 26 phone calls
My telephone back in February of this year was a cell phone. That phone number should be under my name now. The provider is T-Mobile. When I talked to Trayvon, the number I called him at, that is automatically…like memorized in my phone. I know the last four digits. I knew he had gone up to Sanford. Even when he was in Sanford I still talked to him on the phone. I had conversations with him February 26. We talked all day. Like I talked and texted with him. No text, yeah, but I talked to him. I recall the conversations were in the morning, in the afternoon, and all through the day until the final call. Earlier that day, he was talking talking about his mom, he was talking about his family earlier that day. Trayvon seemed his normal self that whole day when I talked to him. He sounded real happy. He was good, I mean. He was a happy boy.

7-11 store
At some point I found out that Trayvon was going to the store, around six, sumpin'. It was around like it was around I think supper he was wanting... he went to the store to get his little brother a little candy and an Arizona because he said they didn't have anything to drink or whatever. He didn't tell me what store he was going to. He was sayin’ corner store. He was going to the store to get his little brother some food and some drink. I was conversing with him as he was walking to the store. I was talking with him when he got to the store. He talked to me about being at the store.

The trip home
And he talked to me once he left the store. This was a continuous phone call, but the phone was actin’ up. So, there were times when we would stop and then call each other back. When he went to the store he told me he ready to go home and watch…finish watching the game. He left his little brother, so he trying to rush and… go back home and watch the game. I think the…basket, basket…basketball... I think that was like the All-Star Game. I didn’t really care, but… there were other customers and he went back and it started raining. He was just trying to get home and it started raining. When he left the store he mentioned at that time it was raining.

When he was leaving the store, he just told me that he bought drinks…and it about to rain. And then..he about to get to…inside a thing. It started raining, and he ran to the um…mail thing. Like the mail area…like a shed… Like a covered area…because it was raining. He told me that he was already inside, like the gated place. and he went to that little like that little apartment shed thing cause it raining so hard real hard. Yeah, he ran in there. That’s when the phone hung up, and I call him back again. He was still under the shade…the mail area, like a covered area…so he wouldn’t get wet. The rain slowed down.

And like…a couple minutes later he come and tell me this man is watchin’ him...he said this man right there this man was like looking at him like he doing something so he put his hoodie. He described the man who was watching him, he said white. He didn't have any idea who this man was. In this situation we've got here mainly it isn't racial to tell you the truth it isn't racial. He say the man was in a car. He say the man who was watching him was on the phone. When he was at the…um…the mail thing the man was on the phone. That’s what he was telling me. Trayvon did not send me any text messages when this was going on…I’m talking about that day, February 26. He just tell me.

He was telling me like… a man watching him, so he like started walking. Trayvon goin’ start walking. So, the man was still in the car, then Trayvon started walking. Trayvon said, ‘The guy’s coming at me…he’s going to hit me.” How he said it? He got…the man got… he got problems…like he crazy. Trayvon told me the man looking crazy, and look at him crazy, when he was walking…walking home …to that house.

And then…the phone hung up. And I call him back again. I was aware that my call came in around 7:12 pm. So, at some point when he was following him in the car, and Trayvon was trying to see who this guy was following in the car, apparently the Zimmerman man was on the phone with the police. And so, between that call and my call we pretty much have a lot of audio of what took place. And then, I say ‘What you doin’?’ and he say he walkin’ and he said this man still following him, behind the car. He was telling me the man was on the phone. He put his hoodie on. And I’m like…or like, he told me…he tell me..he put his hoodie on, so I like… Cause, he said it was startin’ a little bit dripping water… So he put his hoodie on. So I said, ‘What’s going on?’ He said this man is still watching him. And right before he say he’s going to run. He’s saying the guy looks crazy…and creepy…because he said this dude is like watching him…like watch…Like in a car…so he about to run from the back. So then I told him, go to his dad house. Run to his Dad house. So he say he about to run for the back cause its mo’ easier, he said.

He was going to run from the back because this man was watching him. He knew that the man was on the phone to somebody so he was about to make a run for it from the back. cause somebody was following him very close with the car. Trayvon sounded scared. Real pannicky. So, next thing I hear, he gettin’ run. And I can hear that the wind blowin’… So I could tell he was running at that time… and then he said…I think the man got off (out?) by some reason…cause he said the man was still following him. he ru’, he go’ keep ru’ ’til hi’ dad house.

Trayvon had run for it. And then… he said he lost the man. So, Trayvon at that time…I could tell he was like, out of breath, like excited… He lost him; he was breathin’ hard. He say he lost him… OK…he was breathing hard. He say he lost him…breathin’ har’, you know. And I like, he goin’…so he say he lost him.

And then he told me like the guy was getting he told me the guy was getting real close to him. An…by the sound his voice…voice kinda change... Trayvon! I know he was scare. I… could tell he was scared. Voice was getting kind of low… It was not raining at that time cause I hear him OK. So, I could tell he was emotional like somebody who was like in fear. And then the man come... and then Trayvon say the man was still following him. And then Trayvon I asked if Trayvon was gonna run. And Trayvon said he ain't gonna run like that. He was gonna walk fast from the back.

Fast Walking Chase
He started walking back again…and I told him ‘Keep runnin’. He say he ain’t goin’ run, cause he say he right by his father house… So, and in a couple minutes…he say the man followin’ him again, behin’ him. And the man was just following him close like walking to him like fast. Like when Trayvon was walking fast, he was walking faster following him. He getting close by him. I say, "Run." And Trayvon say he not going to run. And I say, ‘RUN!’ You goin’ to run? He say he not goin’ run cause…I could have known he not going to run, cause he out of breath. and then, he told me, he say this guy getting’ close to him. I told him ‘RUN!’ And then, and then… I tol’ him ‘Keep runnin’.’ He not goin’ run. And then he say…I told him, ‘Why you not runnin’? He say, ‘I’m not go’ run,’ cause he tired, but I know he tired. He was breathin’ hard. Real hard. And when I'm telling him “Run, Run, Run”, I was being emphatic like… Shouting…shouting at him. And then a couple…and then he say he right by his ass…

The next I hear I heard Trayvon say, “Why you following me for?" Before all this started, when it…earlier in the day, Trayvon had been talking to me. So I recognized his voice. And I heard him on prior occasions, so it was crystal clear it was Trayvon talking to me. I hear this, ya know, man… it wa’ like a ol’ man…say, ‘Wha’ you doin’ aroun’ here?’ I could definitely tell another voice that was not Trayvon’s. I heard this other voice say, “What are you doing around here?” The other voice of the other person I heard, I had never heard before. I could tell it was a man versus a woman. The other voice, I thought it was a man. It is a man, ’cause it had a deep voice. And the man said, "What you doing around here?" And I could tell the man his voice was real loud… screaming at Trayvon. It wasn't just a normal conversation. I could tell the man was like kinda angry. Cause he said it like so deep… ‘What are you doin’ ’round here?’ And you could hear he was tired too. The old man. He was like, ‘What are you doing ’round here?’ He breathin’ ‘What you doin’ ’round here?’ in was a louder… The last thing I heard was he asked Trayvon again, "What are you doin' around here?" And I call Trayvon…’Trayvon, wha’s goin’ on, whas goin’ on?’ Then..I callin’ him…he didn’t answer.

No answer from Trayvon... Next I hear somebody pushed, I know somebody just pushed Trayvon because the headset just fell. I hear a sound like “bump.” You cou’ hear that Trayvon bump…somebody bumped Trayvon, ’cause I could hear the grass. Trayvon never said he hit the guy. He never said he was going to go hit the guy. I could hear that there was something going on… Like something hitting something. You could hear..I could hear the grass thing. Out of the …I guess out of the speaker…out of the… When I heard that noise…something hitting somebody…I didn’t hear the man say anything. I did hear Trayvon say something. I can hear a little bit… I could just hear like…like, it’s like…the headphone…cause the headphones, he might got off. But I can still hear a little bit…like… Like a little ‘get off’ some stuff… Like a little ‘Get off’ [unintelligible]…I could tell it was Trayvon who was saying that. That’s why I was calling his name. I could hear it a little bit…”get off…get off,” then the phone just hung up.

The end
I heard part of the altercation between what happened just minutes before he was killed. And then after that I couldn't talk to him because the phone just shut off. And then…I was still screaming, I was saying, ‘Trayvon, ‘ ‘Trayvon’... And there was no response, and next thing I hear…and next thing, the phone just shut off. When the phone shut off, I try calling back like 3 or 2 times. I did not ever get any response. I called him again and he did not answer the phone. He ain't call back and I thought, okay, hearing the phone on the grass, I thought it was a fight. That was the last time that he was alive. I texted him…like when the phone just hung up. I don't have a text still on my phone. So, the last thing I heard was some kind of noise, like something hitting somebody. I did not hear any kind of screamings like ‘Help me’ or anything like that. I did not hear any kind of shot.

I'm very emotional about this. I cared about him. I got guilt. Real guilty. I ain’t know about it. At some point I ended up knowing that he was killed. I know that police said they arrived on the scene at 7:17 pm and that when they arrived he was already shot. I found out about what happened to Trayvon. He would never fight, that’s the problem. ‘Cuz I know him. He was not one of those people. After I heard about what happened I realized that that was the last time anybody alive had talked to Trayvon. I know he was killed that day. And that's when I realized at the day of his wake that I was the last person talking to him and it just made me physically sick. I was goin’ to go to the funeral or to the wake, but… I didn’ feel good. This made me so sick that I had to go get medical assistance. I was in shock. I was really in shock. I ended up going to the hospital. I couldn't come to the wake because I had to go to the hospital. Because I was sick. I had high blood pressure. I had to spend the night in the hospital. It all comes down to last person talking to him. That's not easy.

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