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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

George Zimmerman - Trayvon Martin Skipping 20MPH


  1. Utter bullshit. People need to stop wasting their time analyzing everything that happened prior to the confrontation because we lack all the necessary fucking information to validate any of it. Its just bullshit guesswork. We don't know how long he was at the clubhouse for. We don't know when he dialed or when he actually connected. Zimmerman himself probably doesn't recall all of the minor details leading up to the fight because they were FUCKING MINOR. Instead of trying to figure out his exact coordinates at 1:34 of the NEN call, put some effort into actually making compelling arguments towards his guilt because his site seriously lacks anything worthwhile in terms of establishing guilt.

    1. You do realize that the NEN call GZ made is recorded and time stamped? The other 911 calls are recorded and time stamped too. When measured against what GZ has told us was going on at certain times, we realize that there isn't enough time for what he says happened to have actually happened.

    2. As far as something that points to Zimmerman's guilt, how about the autopsy report that shows Trayvon Martin never touched Zimmerman with his hands? Now, please explain to us all, how one manages to wage a lethal attack without using their hands if they are unarmed? Could it be then, that George simply shot Trayvon Martin to death, then made up a story about being beaten so badly?

      I'd have to say that's a distinct possibility, when a 208 lb, violent and angry, combat ready ex barroom bouncer and professional security "muscle man", encounters a 5' 11" 158lb skin and bones 17 year old nicknamed "slim" who is a jovial and happy child who is respectful and friendly with all who know him. I sincerely doubt that such a kid, suddenly turns into a dangerous psycho killer, intent on murdering his stalker.

      We do know that people in Florida carry guns. Thus, teenagers in Florida are keenly aware that adults may be armed and dangerous. Thus, it shows that Trayvon decides rightly, to flee, his follower rather than foolishly attempt to fight with a bigger, heavier, angry and possibly armed stranger.

      GZ wants us to think that Trayvon Martin had absolutely no reason to fear, by being followed by a self proclaimed white vigilante. But that's just a comic book view of what happened. In reality Trayvon would know that GZ is quite possibly armed and therefore very dangerous. The lack of trace on Trayvon Martins hands only serves to prove it.


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