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Friday, November 30, 2012

Ron Davis, the father of Jordan Davis, is embraced
as he arrives at the funeral home for the visitation and
a memorial service for his son Jordan on Wednesday
in Jacksonville, Fla.

Bob Self/The Florida Times-Union/AP

Three shooting deaths in the past week raise questions about whether prank-prone and reckless teens are particularly vulnerable under states' 'castle doctrine' and 'stand your ground' laws.

By Staff writer / November 29, 2012 


Recent events are raising questions about whether "stand your ground" and "castle doctrine" laws – which offer legal protection to people who hurt or kill someone in self-defense – could disproportionately harm teenagers.

During the past week, three teenagers in states with such laws were shot to death for doing things that, critics of the laws say, teenagers regularly get caught doing.

In Florida, unarmed 17-year-old Jordan Davis was allegedly shot and killed by 40-something Michael Dunn after an argument about a loud car stereo outside a convenience store.

And in Minnesota, retired State Department employee Byron David Smith allegedly wounded and then killed two teenagers, Haile Kifer and Nicholas Brady, who broke into his house on Thanksgiving, apparently on a hunt for prescription drugs.

This week also saw three teen boys charged with murder in Alabama after their friend, Summer Moody, was shot in April. When a man caught the four breaking into fishing cottages in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta, he allegedly fired a warning shot that killed Summer in what a district attorney called a "tragic accident." On Wednesday, a grand jury indicted the three boys, not the man who shot Summer.

These SYG laws will eventually make us each others jailers,  by making us afraid to walk the streets,  without fear that we will be shot for some reason or other.   Local law enforcement authorities,  often do not have the resources needed to investigate these incident thoroughly enough to make a case,  in instance where the shootings were not justified.  Investigations made all the more difficult,  for lack of testimony of the counter party,  who is dead.  

Can it get to the point where we will beg our authorities to take absolute power,  to remove guns from society totally,  so that we can go about our business again?  How ironic would it be that the 2nd Amendment leads us back into dictatorship.

Sign the White house petition to overturn SYG laws here; and let others know to do so as well.  We need to show a groundswell of opinion to get things moving in the right direction,  this petition,  while not really practicable at law,  is made to serve as a flash point of objection.  READ MORE

This ruling just in,  "Right to bear arms stops  at your front door" Federal Court 

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