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Saturday, December 29, 2012

CREEPY ZIMMERMAN plus 1st bond hearing

Tzar says: April 8, 2013 at 9:43 am


  1. All of the stalking actions of Zimmerman that night are the very actions we tell our children to look out for in child predators. Even as a 48 year old adult, GZ's actions that night would have made me think that GZ was following me to cause harm and believe that GZ was up to no good. From the results of that night, GZ indeed was a predator we warn our kids to look out for and indeed was up to no good. GZ had a vehicle to drive away in. Instead, GZ chose to get out and hunt down his victim to inflict body harm. Neighborhood watch rules can not be used as a defense since GZ broke those too. No weapons allowed on watch, follow police directives and never confront a suspect. All of GZ possible defenses he could use are invalid.

  2. Nothing GZ does after he begins following is lawful, unless and until he identifies himself. Since that never happened, everything GZ did was illegally done.

    What GZ doesn't seem to be able to get through his thick skull is: On a rainy Sunday night, with no one out walking, except George and his victim. "Going in the same direction" is following! As there is no one else around and no obvious alternative destination, for someone who has shown a keen interest in the activities of another lone person outside and walking in the rain.


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