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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Would USA Today Ask This Question If Trayvon Martin Was White?

In yet another case where the dead Black person has to explain himself, USA Today ran a front cover this week asking an interesting question: Trayvon: Typical Teen or Troublemaker. Here, we wrestle with the so-called, “dueling images of Trayvon.” Trayvon Martin, 17, was shot to death walking home on February 26 with an ice tea and a pack of Skittles. Yet USA Today wants his corpse to explain itself. You have to wonder: If the dead teen was white would such a question be asked. Particularly when you consider the details of Martin’s killer George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman — not Trayvon Martin — has a criminal record that includes violence, including an assault on a police officer. Perhaps USA Today can put some front cover energy into that information. The Orlando Sentinal reported that in 2005, Zimmerman’s ex-fiance, Veronica Zuazo, filed a civil motion for a restraining order, alleging domestic violence. In that same year Zimmerman was arrested after a tussle with a law enforcement officer. So why is it Martin, who is dead and has no criminal record being analyzed? READ MORE

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