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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cardboard and Bullshit, Part Four - A Different Conclusion


  1. A rebuttal

  2. The problem is, GZ has to be under constant threat of his ongoing deadly assault or he has no self defense claims. Thus, if Trayvon is on top, he cannot lean so far forward that he loses his balance and has to prop himself on his hands, since that would mean he's no longer attacking. Okay, so with Trayvon on top, and staying upright enough to keep his hands free to do battle, how does GZ get a "straight in shot, front to back with no angle?" Obviously it's impossible, which is the point of the CAB video. They had to be in some other position. Rr. Knox is trying to say that's not so.

  3. And that's where he fails. You see, you've got the law all wrong. Before the question of whether or not he was reasonably in fear of his life, it must be determined that what he was doing was lawful. Obviously the law is not going to protect a burglar, who breaks into your home, from you. He might be reasonably in fear for his life when he sees you pointing your shotgun at him, but the law is not going to allow him to fire on you, because he is committing a crime and the law does not protect criminals from innocent people defending themselves.

    Trayvon was not armed with any deadly weapons. so, no reasonable person expects that his unarmed attack would be deadly.
    But... Was GZ within his rights to be in contact with Trayvon? Nope! He was not! His neighborhood watch instructions told him not to carry any weapon with him while on patrol, they told him not to go on patrols without being in uniform, they told him not to follow suspect, and they told him not to confront suspects, the SPD told him the same thing, the law told him he is not a policeman, and therefore has no powers to stop, detain, confront or question anyone. So, then what was he doing in contact with Trayvon, after having agreed with the NEN police operator that he should not continue to follow Trayvon?

    Do you want to know the truth about who was right and who was wrong? Ask yourself why did GZ lie about not following Trayvon and being attacked by the unarmed youth coming back to the T to attack him after fleeing? Does he think that Trayvon could not have guessed that perhaps this crazy acting stranger was armed? Would you attack some stranger you believed could be carrying a weapon in the dark? In any event the SP knows what route Trayvon took to go home and they know that he was near his home when he was driven away out of fear. He was chased north back towards the T and a detective has sworn to it in court under oath. Try reading the master revisable timeline.


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