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Monday, July 22, 2013

World News for Trayvon Martin


Calls for 'stand your ground' review grow after day of Trayvon rallies


Trayvon Martin: protests focus on 'Stand Your Ground' laws in 20 states that 'spurred' hundreds of shootings

Justice Department places 'hold' on Trayvon Martin trial evidence, including George Zimmerman's gun - which Florida law says must be returned to him


World from Berlin: 'Trayvon Martin Will Happen Again and Again'


The 'License To Kill' Lobby - A French Look At The Trayvon Martin Case


Protesters rally across US over Trayvon Martin verdict


Björk Dedicates Song to Trayvon Martin


'Justice for Trayvon' rallies hit US

Times of India
US divided as race protesters seek justice for Trayvon Martin 

India - India.arie Creating Video Tribute To Trayvon Martin


Zimmerman acquitted of Trayvon Martin murder

RT-Jul 13, 2013


'Justice for Trayvon' calls echo in rallies across US
Protesters gather for Trayvon Martin case
China Economic Net-8 hours ago
Jay Z and Beyonce join US protests over Trayvon Martin verdict
-South China Morning Post-Jul 20, 2013

Zimmerman acquitted in Trayvon Martin killing 14, 2013
The Japan News-17 hours ago
Philippine Star-19 hours ago









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