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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tchoupi says:

@ willis While I agree the events on TTL are ‘what really matters’, I hold out hope that all our efforts (well, manily tchoupi’s…) might someday get a public airing of some sort. In that event, the tighter the accuracy of the whole presentation, the more credibility the presentation will have. Thus, it’s not that [...]
I may have a little difference of view with Willi concerning how much what happened on RVC matters.
There clearly is a spike of traffic by the clubhouse at the time GZ pulled his cellphone out to call SPD’s NEN. This has some significance to me as it indicates that GZ & TM were not alone when it all started. Even if we consider that one of the drivers went back and forth by the clubhouse, there still must be someone witnessing what that REAL suspicious guy was doing in the neighborhood.
Moreover, that traffic spike period is interestingly rich of unique events:
1) It almost begins with a light colored pick up truck that is consistent with GZ’s.
2) That pickup truck briefly makes an angle toward the clubhouse.
3) At least one dark colored vehicle going east on RVC stopped for a noticeable time at the junction with TTL,
4) One vehicle strolled on TTL and stopped by the mailboxes for a noticeable while,
5) The traffic clears up as soon as the NEN call starts.
Finally, none this is consistent with GZ parking by the clubhouse where he said he parked as he called NEN.
I agree with Willi in that showing that GZ stopped by the mailboxes and was already on TTL before his call connected is the main conclusion of that work.

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