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Monday, September 9, 2013

Breaking News - GZ taken into custody today.

Reconstruction Of The Car Traffic By The Clubhouse Of The Retreat At Twin Lakes Around The Time Of The Killing Of Trayvon Martin [NEW work by Tchoupi]


Watch Police Give Zimmerman Thug Style Treatment: ‘Get on Your Knees!’


George Zimmerman Dropped by his Attorney Mark O’Mara


Shellie Zimmerman: George Smashed iPad with Video Evidence --------------------------

LISTEN to Shellie Zimmerman’s Frantic 911 Call About George



Geo Zimmerman Domestic Tussle on Monday was Over Rented Home


Zimmerman Proves Again and Again that Zimmerman was Never the Victim


Zimmerman’s Wife and Her Father won’t Press Charges Against Him


1010 WINS NYC has just reported that George Zimmerman has been taken into custody concerning domestic abuse in his home,  there was a gun present.  More as the story becomes available.

Here it comes: 

George Zimmerman in Police Custody over Gun Incident

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