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Monday, October 5, 2015

Reviewing the case 10-05-15

Little things mean a lot in murder cases,  this one is no different.  So to get at the

truth one has to "pan" for it,  much like panning for gold.  After we wash over the

evidence we have a few times,  the precious nugets of truth begin to appear.  So

follow me now,  a wee bit deeper onto the chase.

The blood,  on the back of GZ's head,  seems to indicate it was thought to be an

intrical part of his cover,  designed to be exhibited as hard evidence that GZ had been

in a life threatening struggle.  Of course,  we know now,  as we guessed then,  that a

165 lb. child stands little to no chance of over powering a 205 lb. adult.  At nearly 6 ft.

tall,  Trayvon was little more than skin and bones,  a sedentary child who was driven

just about everywhere,  who did not work out at a gym and who did not engage in

regular exercise. 

In fact,  we learned that during his stays at Retreat at Twin Lakes (RATL) he had never

walked to the store on his own before,  instead he was always driven by either his

father,  his fathers girl friend or his cousin.  Thus you can see that,  even these small

opportunities to build muscle mass were foregone.  While GZ was not only armed, 

but had attended a gym and took martial arts training to boot. 

Okay,  back to the blood and that red jacket.  After reading much about the case it

becomes clear that GZ and whom ever was assisting him,  were concerned about

what evidence should be created or not.  The small wounds on the back of GZ's head

says that quite some thought had gone into this matter.  After all,  he didn't get his

head cuts at home,  since that would have left blood in the car,  which could indicate

that he was wounded and bleeding before he even confronted Trayvon,  thus casting

doubt on his story (as if there weren't enough artifacts to do this already). 

That being so,  the head cuts and bleeding would have had to have been arranged, 

sometime after he left his car and before he encountered Trayon.  That's where Joe

Manalo's garage comes in.  There is blood on the garage door at Manalo's,  where

GZ's says he had gone after he left his car.  Manalo's place is on the cut through at

Retreat View Circle (RVC),  thus just a quick left turn gets GZ there,  once he arrives at


Well,  now we get to the good part.  What are the chances that,  if you showed up at a

neighbors house in the dark,  and asked them to cut you on the back of the head so

you can bleed,  they would do it?  Probably few.  Even in the best of circumstances, 

you couldn't be sure they would do it at all,  or if they did,  that they would do it

quickly enough so you could get back to the chase.  So, obviously,  something like

that had to have been by pre arrangement.  GZ did not do it himself,  there was no

blood on his hands at all.  Yet,  there's this blood streak on Manalo's garage door, 

which looks like Manalo got blood on his hands while cutting and an immediate

reaction of revulsion caused him to attempt to wipe the blood.  off his hands and on

the door,  without thinking about it and thus forgotten,  no effort was made to clean it


So,  the question is begged,  if a bloody wound was thought to be needed,  to

demonstrate a potentially life threatening assault.  Why wear a red jacket which would

only serve to conceal blood?  Wearing another color jacket, like a white or grey sweat

shirt etc., would not only have provided Manalo with somewhere to wipe his bloody

hands,  but it would dramatically increase the visibility and picture of a massive blood

flow,  exactly what the exercise was designed to do.  Instead,  this red rain gear

jacket,  squelched any impulse Manalo would have to wipe his hands on it. 

So,  I thought it very odd that GZ would have chosen a jacket that repells water and

conceals blood stains,  when he's bent on trying to exhibit just that,  in the course of

a planned murder,  in which he will attempt to claim a "stand your ground" defense. 

Obviously,  GZ and the perps knew they had some backing with authorities or others, 

but how much these authorities would be able to do with the evidence left behind, 

was an open question.  Open enough,  that is,  to cause him to be concerned about

the details.  Otherwise, if GZ had known how they could ride roughshod over the law, 

he probably would have foregone the wounds and shot Trayvon right there at the mail

boxes where he could claim he caught him trying to break into them and then claim

the assault happened there as well.  There would have been less evidence for us to

pore over and the outcome would have been the same.

Then,  in the last video I posted about slavery (2+ hours), near the end I learned that

there is a racist group that calls themselves...  wait for it... Red Shirts!   So,  in a case

like this,  so flimsy that GZ has to tell several stories,  such that he cannot risk taking

the stand himself and which hinges on him getting a racist jury,  wearing that red

jacket sends a powerful "call to arms" for racist everywhere.  So a man with only 2

quarters to rub together at the time of his arrest,  suddenly has a place to live and

plenty of money,  as well as a mysterious benefactor lurking in the background.  Then

to follow it up,  the Govenor's hand picked prosecution team,  can't make a case

strong enough to defeat the claim that Trayvon was "armed with a sidewalk".

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