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Saturday, December 8, 2012

#Zimmerman Edits out "F'cking Coon" from 911 Tape He Filed with Court in lawsuit against NBC

George Zimmerman filed a lawsuit against NBC claiming that NBC made him (George) look racist in a edited 911 tape they aired.

     The thing is, when George Zimmerman filed his Complaint with the Court, he, Zimmerman, edited out the portion of the 911 tape that George makes himself look racist when he said, "F'cking Coons." (listen to Time Stamp 2:22)

Also, at Time Stamp 3:20, on the tape you can hear George knocking or taping on a door and if you listen closely you can hear George say: "Keep an eye on my truck."  Who did George say that to, and why did he edit those words out of the Transcript he filed with the Court?

Try to wrap your head around that one.


Zimmerman files a lawsuit with the Court claiming he has suffered damages of "emotional distress" from an edited 911 tape that he claims made him him look racist -- but at the same time -- Zimmerman gives the Court his own edited version of same 911 tape by cutting out his own comment: "F'cking Coons"
 ... wow! ... Just wow!

This is a video of the 911 tape with both audio and written transcript.  At Time Stamp 2:22 George Zimmerman says, "F'cking Coons"


  1. wow dumb actually think the court would accept evidence directly from the Defense?

  2. Anything they submit is open to be challenged in front of a jury. Which is why they want to be careful not to do things like this, because when their opponent supplies the missing material, the jury will be impressed. LOL.

    But, this suit is not designed to be won, according to law, it cannot go forward until the criminal matter is settled. Therefore, this is just fodder created for the public to consume, as if Zimmerman has been wrongfully charged and is an innocent man screaming out for justice. The trouble with that vision is, he first has to prove it in criminal court.

  3. Keep an eye on my truck? Damn, I have good ears but you got me on that one.


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