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Friday, December 7, 2012

Zimmerman Sues Again

Here's the pdf

It's so full of lies and half truths it cannot possibly hope to succeed.  Yet,  it is probably heartening to his supporters,  to see him step forward once again,  to attack his detractors. 

Unfortunately the evidence and testimony filed in the case,  goes all to heavily against him.  For example,  he cannot possibly convince anyone,  that he was out that night,  trying to keep the neighborhood safe.  Because,  if that is all he was really trying to do,  he would have abated the hostile atmosphere he realized he had created,  once he discovered that Trayvon was aware that he was being followed. 

Since one does not expect a criminally intended person,  to attempt any crime while being observed,  Zimmerman should have taken that opportunity to identify himself.  Because he was not a uniformed person,  no one could know,  by mere inspection,  that Zimmerman had any duties at all,  that could explain why he would be observing and/or following anyone.  Persons followed by strangers,  are usually inspired to become greatly concerned for their own safety.

Keeping the neighborhood safe,  in no way  empowers GZ to cause anyone to fear for their own safety.  Yet,  he does so with abandon and maintains a hostile posture and escalates that with an appearance of sinister intent,  by refusing to identify himself at each opportunity.  Obviously Trayvon Martin was no criminal,  so there is no reason at all to believe,  that he would have met a cordial approach with violence.

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