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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Everything is Bigger in Texas, Including the Aryan Brotherhood

Texas is experiencing incredible economic success. Texas leads the United States in oil and gas production and job growth.    In February alone Texas employers added over 80,000 jobs. The unemployment rate in Texas hovers aroung 6.3% as compared to the national average of 7.7%. Texas also is proud to have the fastest growing cities in the country. The top three growth cities in the country are Austin #1, Houston #2, and Dallas #3. While Rick Perry would like to take credit for the economic success of the state, it is more likely attributable to the lack of state income tax, which is made possible by the presence of such large oil & gas reserves.

While the country identifies Texas as a leader in economic growth, it is also a leader in the Aryan Brotherhood.

The Life Expectancy for a District Attorney in Texas must be the shortest in the country. Last Saturday District attorney Mike McLelland and his wife were found dead in their home. It was just two months ago that Mr. McLelland had vowed to put away the “scum” who had killed one of his deputies. The county sheriffs have brought in the FBI to help with the investigation. Thank heavens we didn’t secede from the United States, as our Governor had suggested!

Mr. Hasse, the district attorney who was shot on his way to work outside the county court house two months ago, had carried a gun for protection, and even changed the exit he took every day from the Court House, for security reasons.
While no charges have been filed, there is great speculation that the Aryan brotherhood of Texas is involved. The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas is at the center of a large federal case that involves racketeering, murder, kidnapping and other various crimes. The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas is described as a “whites only” prison based gang in operation since the 80’s. They are arguably the most violent white supremacist prison gang in the United States. The group has been credited with more than 100 murders, and at least 10 kidnappings. Their code is blood-in, blood-out meaning that you can only get into ABT by carrying out some kind of attack,” and … you can only leave in a body bag.  READ MORE


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