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Monday, May 27, 2013

Does O'Mara's discovery contain a fake photo?

The two photos appear to contain the exact same pose in the exact same position,  where the only thing that appears to have moved is the hand.   Who doesn't move one millimeter between photos,  even while raising a hand?   Don't believe it?  Try doing it yourself.  Remember the picture on the left is an old photo and the one on the right is an exact copy,  so it has to be just as old.  Thus,  the two photos would have been taken at the same time.
Now here's an animated gif of the two:



Do you realize that the defense added photos, claiming they are Trayvon, that are taken from social media sites. One of them from a video of which Trayvon’s brother had said over a year ago that is not Trayvon?
The defense knows this stuff is never going be entered into evidence. O’Mara pretty much admitted to that. The stuff is never going to be tested for what it actually meant. Its sole
purpose is to sway public opinion and to poison the jury pool.
You want to know the real Trayvon. Read the exchange with Sybrina again. That is Trayvon with the person who knows him best in a complete exchange.  READ MORE

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