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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DAY 10 by croakerqueen123 7/8/13


Zimmerman is claiming the screams as his,  while there are plenty of people who believe they are not his.  The jury,  however,  may decide that there is enough evidence to believe that it is him screaming.  If they reach such a conclusion then,  the evidence also shows he's not being subjected to any deadly assault by the unarmed teen.  How can it be?  His claimed rendition of the "fight" includes actions that most certainly would have left evidence on Trayvon's hands,  after all,  all the other dna evidence survived the rain and other mishandling,  so they have a problem.  They might,  very well choose to solve that problem by considering that, Zimmerman screamed only to make it appear that he was suffering a lethal attack,  so that he could claim self defense after he shot Trayvon.  Wouldn't that be karma?  To wind up convicted because of the very screams he stole to defend himself?  What a "revolting development that would be in his view.

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