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Saturday, July 13, 2013

What will an acquittal mean?

I hope that these women jurors consider what an acquittal will mean for future events that are similar to this.

1.  They will be authorizing NW'ers to become vigilantes.
2.  Allow NW'ers to carry weapons.
3.  Authorize and allow NW'ers to go on patrols.
4.  Authorize NW'ers to chase,  grab and detain "suspects".
5.  Approve of followers of children to refuse to identify themselves.
6.  Authorize NW'ers to shoot "suspects" if they meet any resistance.
7.  Since they will be validating the above behavior as lawful the child being followed,
     captured and detained,  will have nothing to report to the police,  since the actions are

Your child can be followed,  chased,  captured and held by an armed civilian,  who needs only to claim that your child was a "suspect" and that will be legal and therefore there will be nothing
either you or the police can do about it.  That would certainly give pedophiles and perverts a
good head start on accomplishing their aims,  if caught they merely need claim to have pursued
and captured a "suspect" as a lawful cover for their actions. 

Even worse you must then instruct your children that it is legal for them to be be followed and
held by complete strangers who are armed,  and that they must not resist,  because these actions
are approved by law.  So that life in Florida becomes every parents worse nightmare.

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